Belvoir Team Chase results, 14 September

  • BELVOIR TEAM CHASE Garthorpe Racecourse, Leicestershire, 14 September
    Intermediate.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (R Cope, B Pauling, R Mason, B Allen) 5.15.9; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (H Moodie, K Purcell, R Cope, Y Goss) 5.36.79; 3, Fight the Ban (B Pauling, P Mason, J Slowcock, S Myhill) 5.38.19; 4, Cunning Stunts; 5, Hair Raisers I; 6, Odds & Sods. nov speed.— 1, Foxberry Chasers (S Metcalfe, K Milner, G Bland) 292.02; 2, Buster Marquees Details to Follow (A Hardstaff, P Warham, C Hirst, D Manning) 315.24; 3, Why Worry There’s Hope (R Slater, G Savory, H Slater, C Slater) 3.25; 4, Landcruisers; 5, The Farmers Bloodhounds; 6, Meynell Misfits. fun (bogey time).— 1, Belvoir Babes ( Z Dorrington, F Young, K Taylor, S Dorrington); 2, The Special Ones (H Brooke-Lawson, A Cook, C Barker, K Jelley); 3, Racing Rejects (R Hodson, M Briggs, K Morgan); 4, Pytchley Hedge Hunters; 5, The Allrounders; 6, Which Way Now.

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