Hunter hirelings

The idea that only people who own a horse or those who beg, borrow or steal one can go hunting is just a myth these days. Thanks to the availability of hunter hirelings up and down the country, people are able to hire a horse for the day. There are even some providers who specialise in ponies for younger (or smaller) riders who also want to enjoy what hunting has to offer.

Although the number of horses available in each hireling yard varies, generally there are a range of sizes to suit men and women. Most providers are able to accommodate novice and experienced riders with the most important aspect being that the hirer is realistic about their ability to ensure the right horse is offered. A level of experience and some understanding of what hunting entails is also useful.

A good number of regular hunt subscribers find that hiring a horse is more practical for them than owning their own and regularly have use of the same horse. The option of hiring is often welcomed too by those whose own hunter is out of action or perhaps those whose horse is not suited to hunting.

Many hunts have somebody local that they can recommend so a call to the hunt secretary (details available in the H&H hunting directory) is generally the best place to start if you want to find a hireling, particularly if you are new to an area.