Writtle College: brand new equine behaviour degree [Promotion]

Writtle College, a partner of the University of Essex, is 1 of the UK’s leading specialist institutions. A beautiful 220 hectare estate, accessible equine facilities and excellent teaching make Writtle a very special place to study.three horses running 2

The new BSc (Hons) Equine Behaviour course covers a range of practical and theoretical modules, integrating the latest research and hands on skills development using both their stud and riding horses to provide a unique and exciting learning experience. A key feature of this programme is that they have embedded an industry recognised equine behaviour qualification in association with the Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants (SEBC).
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Course Leader, Rosa Verwijs, said: ‘I’m delighted that the course has received full validation from the University of Essex. The equine degrees at Writtle are continuing to expand, which really emphasises how popular and recognised they are within the equine industry. I’m particularly excited as the equine behaviour degree is the first of its kind to be launched in the UK and aims to provide students with a strong understanding of the science of equine behaviour, covering a range of topics including ethology, psychology, welfare, learning, training methods, measuring behaviour, coping with domestication, rehabilitation, and much more.2 Brown horses running

Writtle have worked together with Dr Debbie Marsden, a leading expert in equine behaviour, to embed accredited training from the Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants (SEBC), and develop an undergraduate programme with a strong professional focus and clear career pathway. On completion of the 3-year BSc (Hons) programme students will graduate with both their degree and registration with SEBC as a fully qualified Equine Behaviour Consultant.Side by side running

Writtle expect their graduates to be prominent in the industry, supporting the welfare and training of performance horses, promoting ethical and sustainable horsemanship practices, rehabilitating horses with behavioural issues and generally providing advice to those responsible for equines to improve their psychological welfare.

Want to visit our campus and chat directly with our Equine Behaviour team? Come along to the next University-Level Open Day on Wednesday 4 June. Places are limited. Book your place now at www.writtle.ac.uk/opendays

For more information email rosa.verwijs@writtle.ac.uk or go to www.writtle.ac.uk/BSc-(Hons)-Equine-Behaviour

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