Win a multistrand gate from Gallagher [Promotion]

At last Spring has sprung and it’s finally time to turn our horses out.

But before you do Gallagher, world leader in permanent and semi permanent electric fencing, is encouraging horse owners to do the Gallagher check by visiting its website www.gallaghereurope.eu for some helpful turnout tips.

And they are inviting you to share your own top turnout tips for the chance to win one of their innovative new multistrand horse gates.

Whether you’re turning out your faithful hunt horse, a top class sport horse, your riding horse or your child’s pony will determine the type of turnout you choose and how you manage it. So will the amount and quality of grazing land you have available.

Do you restrict your ponies’ grazing to avoid laminitis, do you always turnout with boots on, do you turn out several horses together or individually, do you have a tried and tested method of keeping a Houdini pony secure in his paddock?

We’d like to know your top tips for managing your turnout — if yours is judged the best or most unique tip you could be our winner of Gallagher’s innovative easy to use, safer electric gating solution — the multi-strand horse gate. View the gate in action

To find out how to enter, go to the Gallagher Facebook page. The winner will announced on Wednesday 8 May.

Gallagher is the world’s largest quality brand in electrical fencing and offers a wide range of products specifically developed in association with both agricultural and equestrian users to meet their needs whilst maintaining a good price-quality ratio. All entries deemed suitable will be uploaded onto the Gallagher website.

For further information on Gallagher please visit www.gallaghereurope.eu

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