Unique Medieval Jousting Experiences with The Knights of Middle England Jousting School [Promotion]

Unique medieval jousting experience days

A medieval jousting experience day takes you back in time to the ‘Days of Olde’ when our valiant English knights were competing in exciting medieval horseback sports to provide some of history’s most exhilarating and colourful entertainment  in the hopes of winning the total adoration of the crowd.

Expereince Days 2[1]

The Knights of Middle England give the thrilling antics of old England an exciting new twist for the 21st Century. With plenty of team spirit and fun filled activities, even those who have never been on a horse before can take on the title of Baron von Buren or the Earl of Warwick for the day and throw down the gauntlet.

Traditionally jousting was only permitted for men to partake in until the late Middle Ages, but fear not, we take lady knights too!

So come on ladies and throw down the gauntlet and challenge those men!

This fascinating experience package consists of teaching you the basic jousting skills needed to strike the dreaded “Quintaine” (man shaped target that spins around on impact) and authentic mounted games such as collecting rings off the tilt (wooden fence that divides the two competing knights) with a lance and a pig sticking competition.

Participants will have the chance to dress up in medieval costume and armour, have their own title and coat of arms for the day and learn a basic choreographed sword fight straight from a film which is performed to the rest of your fellow ‘knights-in-training’. You can even try to be Warwickshire’s own Robin Hood and unleash your longbow and try to split the golden arrow!

In the afternoon the stakes are raised as you are split into teams to compete in the ‘Grand Gauntlet Challenge’. Earn points for your team as you put into practice the mounted skills that you have learnt.

The day climaxes with the chance to put all the skills you have learnt into use as you try and unseat the resident mischievous Black Knight in a ‘mini joust’  to gain your knighthood!

Will you be able to ward of the threats of the querulous Black Knight?

For more information about our experience days  or to buy a voucher visit www.knightsofmiddleengland.com/jousting-experiences/jousting-experience-days

Experience Days

Specialist skills

The Knights of Middle England also offer experience days and training in other mounted skills including horse archery and trick riding.

Horse archery

For the ‘Knights of Old’ it was not enough to be skilled in jousting and sword fighting, it was also necessary to master the art of archery on horseback!

Taught by qualified archery instructors and available in both group and private sessions, you will first learn to use your longbow from the ground learning to nock and blind nock, and master speed loading your arrow. Then mount one of our specially trained horses and practise nocking on the move as you ride down the archery run unleashing your arrows upon the targets.

Horse Archery

Trick riding

The Knights of Middle England offer trick riding tuition with our fully trained and qualified equity stunt riders. Lessons take place in 2½ hour sessions in small groups (max 6 people).

Trick Riding

Within the safety of our enclosed arena using our specialist training barrel and trained horses you will learn the basics of classical vaulting techniques performing gymnastic manoeuvres on the back of a moving horse. Then progress onto the authentic Cossack trick riding saddle learning a variety of vaults, tricks and stands.

All of our sessions can be booked on an individual basis to join in with others on one of our unique jousting or specialist skills experience days. Or why not book in with some friends for a completely different fun group experience? Half-day, full-day and weekend packages including lunch and traditional hog roast are available!

Private and group lessons are available for all our activities, ranging from a 2 hour session or full-day course to a complete weekend. Sessions can be booked on weekdays, evenings or weekends depending on availability; with this is mind we are able to offer intensive courses for those who really want to get their teeth into this challenging and exciting sport!

For more information about other packages on offer at our Jousting School or to buy a voucher visit www.knightsofmiddleengland.com/jousting-experiences/jousting-school

As well as our experience days we also offer corporate, stag and hen packages, private group days, and event entertainment — visit www.knightsofmiddleengland.com for more information.

The Knights of Middle England also provide exciting jousting displays — great arena entertainment for your event! We produce a very visual fun-filled action packed show with fast horses and heroic knights performing stunts and hard hitting contact jousting as they gallop towards their opponents to try and unseat them in the jousting arena!

Jousting Displays

We offer a range of services from a small parade Guard of Honour of Knights and Horses in full armour and bright and bold colourful costumes, to a complete show of 4 or 6 Knights in a full contact jousting tournament show — great for any event. For more information visit www.knightsofmiddleengland.com/jousting-displays

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