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Thanks to Derrière Equestrian, riding underwear has at last caught up with cycling, rowing and every other sport that means long periods of time are spent on your… Derrière.

The company has brought together innovation, science and style to develop the perfect riding underwear.

Forget chaffing and abrasion — this padded underwear is made from breathable and wicking fabrics, which means maximum comfort for you.
Pink PantsThe managing director and designer of Derrière Equestrian, Claire Galer, has 20 years of experience working with both horses and riders, and no stone has been left unturned in the development and design of this underwear.
Ben-and-Roland-(1)It has been tried and tested by riders across the disciplines, from dressage and showjumping to endurance and eventing.

The range comes in six design styles; three incorporating the padded support system and three in the simpler style with reduced seams.
Derriere-EquestrianAlongside the underwear, Derrière Equestrian has designed breeches for optimal rider performance.

Find out more at: www.derriereequestrian.com

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