Try a free sample of a feed specially designed for ponies [Promotion]

Keyflow logoPerformance ponies can be difficult. They tend to fall into one of two camps — either fit, hot and fast, or extremely good doers that are in endless need of more energy.

When competing, all of us try to provide the very best for our mini superstars. It is important to give them everything they need to perform without making them hotter than they already are, or provide energy without having them put on weight.

Whitaker Bros Jumpmix Jnr — a super-premium, high specification feed created especially for ponies — was developed to solve these problems. By feeding Jumpmix Jnr with a simple non-molassed fibre as a base, a pony’s complex needs are dealt with in an extremely simple way.

Jumpmix Jnr is low in sugar and starch, low dose and highly digestible. It contains exceptionally high-spec ingredients like beetroot for muscle function, stabilised rice bran for cool energy, cold pressed rapeseed oil for omega 3 and Protexin pro-biotics to enhance digestion.

For the good doer you may choose to add some extra energy in the form of Key-3 Oil or from other suitable sources.

Ponies can be difficult enough — feeding them doesn’t have to be. Get started by trying a FREE taster sample of Jumpmix Jnr here http://keyflowfeeds.com/free-sample/

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