Tried and Tested offer with Protexin Equine Premium [Promotion]

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    Protexin Equine Premium have 10 boxes of Recover Aid to give away in return for Tried and Tested reviews.

    Do you think your horse could benefit from a pick-me-up?

    Recover Aid is a palatable powder to aid recovery following strenuous exertion, a long journey or a virus and is presented as a ‘rip and tip’ powder in a 15g sachet which you add to feed once a day.

    Recover Aid contains carefully balanced ingredients chosen for the following functions:

    • High dose B group vitamins to help build the blood profile, bolster immunity and help liver function

    • Pharmaceutical grade extract of milk thistle called Silybin that helps to cleanse the liver and increase function and efficiency

    • Vitamins C and E, giving an antioxidant effect and protecting cell structures

    • Protexin probiotic and preplex prebiotic to help restore the microflora balance, aiding efficient digestion and immunity.


    In no more than 200 words, email news@protexin.com and tell them how your horse could benefit from a box of Recover Aid. If you are successful, you will then need to submit a Tried and Tested review no later than Monday 10 November after trialling the product for free. Your review may then be used by Protexin for marketing purposes.

    You’ll need to email by 8am tomorrow morning (Wednesday 8 October) to be considered, good luck!

    Recover Aid RRP £35.35                               


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