The only rug to keep your horse safe this winter [Promotion]

  • Guardian cover imageThe very instant contact is made with an electrified fence Guardian Equestrian’s innovative rug transfers the current to panels on the inside of the rug. For the first time your electric fence will be as reliable and effective as when your horse is unrugged.

    How the rug works

    Guardian Equestrian’s innovative rugs perform without any wire, batteries or electrics. The unique patent pending designs and technology enable the rug to act as a direct channel between your fence and your horse.

    Upon contact with an electrified fence the current is instantly redirected — the exact current put out by your fence unit is transferred to the inside of the rug.

    This means your horse will respect the fence as they would when not wearing a rug at all, meaning the rug provides the ultimate protection from escapes and injuries.

    How Guardian rugs work

    New for 2013 are the company’s handcrafted inside panels. These are independent from the rug, which means you can layer up multiple rugs for those particularly stormy or snowy days without compromising your electric fencing. This means your horse can be well and truly wrapped up warm throughout the winter but will also be safe and sound in his paddock.

    Special reader offer

    Also new for 2013 is the 800 denier range. To find our more, visit http://www.guardianequestrian.com/store/products and use  exclusive offer code HH153 to receive 15% off your first order.

    All rugs are sold with warranties covering all functional aspects, including complete weatherproof guarantee, clips, straps, fixings and electric fence panels.

    Rug with full neckFull neck rugs (pictured right)

    • Safe panels at the chest for electric fencing
    • Strong 800 denier ripstop outer
    • Snug 200g filling throughout
    • Layer up underneath
    • Highly durable and waterproof outer


    Standard neck rugs (right)Standard neck rug

    • Limited-offer! Free removable neck cover included
    • Safe panels at the chest for electric fencing
    • Strong 800 denier ripstop outer
    • Snug 200g filling throughout
    • Layer up underneath
    • Highly durable and waterproof outer


    Each rug is individually hand finished in the UK using quality fabrics from start to finish, and 3500mm PU coating to ensure lasting and complete waterproof protection guaranteed. Every product is a superb winter rug with the added benefit of electric fence performance built in.

    Guardian Equestrian logoOur stylish shapes have been tried and tested at length to guarantee no twisting or moving when on the horse and the super-soft lining is ideal for those prone to rubbing.

    Guardian is so confident you will love your new electric fence rug that they offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not 100% happy.


    “Thank you for developing this wonderful rug, I am so much happier now he’s not getting out. Thank you!”

    “2 weeks and still in her field, very impressed.”

    “One of my best buys! Fits perfectly, looks smart, lovely and warm and keeps him in the right field! What a brilliant invention.”

    “Super-pleased with my new rug! Just what I need to keep my 2 year-old colt away from my neighbour’s mares. Fits him perfectly.”

    Visit www.en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Guardian-Equestrian/287989107980264 to see what people have said about our products

    Guardian Electric rug details

    Founded in Cornwall, Guardian Equestrian is proud to be the industry leader in electric fence turnout rugs. The company was founded in 2010 and the business continues to grow both in the UK and internationally.

    The product was developed following a fatal accident involving the horse owned by company founder Lucy. This led to the concept and development of the world’s first electric fence turnout rug. Following the success of the initial product, Guardian Equestrian was developed to take this product to the wider UK and international market. An electric fence rug would have prevented the accident; subsequently Guardian’s biggest drive is to help clients keep their horses safe.

    The company’s vision for the future is to develop a varied range of innovative turnout rugs. At the heart of the business is a strong and dedicated team that together create pioneering, quality and affordable products. Guardian continually achieves perfect customer satisfaction ratings and customers are the heart and drive of the business, with nothing less than 100% attention given to every thought and process.

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