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The Haycube, designed in 2012 by Group 2 British dressage rider and list 4 Judge Danielle Steed, has been specifically produced with both you and your horse in mind, providing you with the opportunity to easily soak, transport and feed hay, whilst also maintaining a natural ground level feeding position.

Dental Benefits

Having discussed with a large pool of equine experts the benefits of floor feeding, hay soaking and trickle feeding or roughage, Danielle designed the Haycube to provide a complete product that’s easy to use, is cost and time effective and most importantly has numerous health benefits for both horse and rider.

The Haycube is the first product of its kind offering complete soaking, transportation and feeding solution.

Not only is it suitable for stabled horses, but also for use in the field and to take away to competitions and training events!


  • Muscular/joint — feeding in a natural downward position ensures there is very minimal tension throughout the neck  and back area, therefore working as a natural stretch of the horses top line keeping joints and muscles supple. This natural stretch also minimises strain on the back and neck mucleswhich is not attainable whemn feeding from a hay net or similar as the horse has to use their neck and back muscles ina n incorrect posture therefore causing unnecessary strain and potential injury.
  • Respiratory benefits — feeding at ground level allows the respiratory system to work naturally and most effectively as there is decreased exposure to respiritoy irritants. More importantly, a lowered head and neck position encourages natural airway drainage; this is the first line of defense against deep inhalation of foodand dust particles that can lead to chest and lung infections and respiratory complaints. Feeding ina  high posure puts an unnatural kink in the horse’s airway which impedes the inhaled air. This means that any dust particles can lead to chest and lung infection and respiratory problems including COPD.
  • Dental benefits — in a  ground level feeding position the horses lower jaw slides forward and infront of the upper jaw and when the head is lifted to chew, the lower slides back beneat upper. This back and forth motion helps to grind the horses teeth and keep them to an optimum length. It’s also a way of ensuring that food is properly ground and well mixed with saliva and is also the most effective way for optimum nutrition. This motion doesn’t occur when horses are fed in an upright position and can lead to dental skeletal issues.
  • Behavioural benefits — ground level feeing is the most natural, relaxed and protective way a horse can feed. It allows 360 degree vision, and being a flight animal it’s important that the horse has this span of view to ensure relaxation.
  • Digestion — encouraging a slower rate of consumption (trickle feeding) leads to more thoroughly chewed food which is then mixed well with saliva and is beneficial in increasing the rate of digestion. This increased rate of digestion decreases the chance of choke as well as other digestion related illnesses. The incorporation of the return lip around the top of Haycube means that large sections of hay aren’t able to be obtained by the horse, thus slowing the rate of consumption. The Haycube also eliminates contamination of food which can occur directly from the floor.


  • Relieves tightness throughout the neck and back
  • Enhances shape over a  fence
  • Improves roundness and carriage
  • Prevents coughing and aids respiratory system
  • Minimises risk of contamination


Buying a Haycube works out much less than the cost of the hay your horse is currently wasting (and no doubt the vet bills and physiotherapy treatment!)

Dimensions: 500mm (H) x 600mm (D)

Black, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple

Capacity: ½ std. bale of hay / 90 litres.


General (along side aritcle) benefits

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