The Stable Stable Company — equestrian building specialists in the South West [Promotion]

StableOwned by husband-and-wife team Nick and Olivia Rutty, The Stable Stable Company formed through a passion for top-quality equestrian buildings built to last.

Nick is a carpenter and joiner by trade with an impressive portfolio of property development projects; Olivia is a business development manager with a qualifying law degree.

Through their own experience of horse ownership they were in a position to identify common design and structural faults that are inherent in many equestrian buildings.  From here they developed a business centred on making strong, durable and beautiful buildings achievable and affordable. Their aim is to provide customers with products that will last a lifetime by using skills and methods developed through years in the carpentry trade.

StableThey offer a totally bespoke service and believe that by asking the right questions they can work with their customers to design and construct equestrian buildings that exactly what they want and need.

When asked why they feel The Stable Stable Company is the best choice for people looking for a new equestrian building, Nick and Olivia say: “Our company was formed solely from a desire to provide people with something that they absolutely adore. We do this because it makes us happy knowing that we have provided customers with products that are such good quality and that will still be standing in their field in 20 years.

“We promise longevity of service because we know the craftsmanship that has gone in to the building of each and every hand-made panel, partition and roof strut. We only provide something we would be prepared to out our own horses in — and that’s saying something.”

Contact The Stable Stable Company and see what they can create for you:

Tel: 01209 697739

Email: info@thestablestablecompany.co.uk

Web: www.thestablestablecompany.co.uk

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