Ecogrid logEcoGrid is a permanent solution to muddy paddocks, round pens and turn out areas.

Mud is a problem that all equestrian facilities and livestock owners must contend with. Soil compaction from horse and livestock traffic results in poor water drainage, thus when it rains, water tends to pool in low-lying areas and puddles.

Combined with organic manure, which will retain moisture for long periods of time, and further stomping and chopping by hard hooves and you soon have a serious and on going mud problem. Mud creates a very unhealthy environment for both horse and owner.

The EcoGrid solution:

  • EcoGrid solves mud problems by improving water drainage and preventing soil compaction
  • EcoGrid works on the “snowshoe principle” where the grid disperses the weight of the stock over a larger surface area
  • EcoGrid permanently separates the top layer gravel/sand from the sub-base, making it virtually maintenance free. No longer are you required regularly replace stone and gravel
  • EcoGrid can withstand the most extreme climates from -50°C to 90°C
  • EcoGrid is incredibly tough and durable, will withstand continual stomping and chopping by hard hooves
  • Depending on the application EcoGrid often requires no hardcore base section. This significantly reduces maintenance and improves the ground surface for the horse

Ecogrid paddock

In addition to mud control, EcoGrid is ideal for many equestrian and livestock applications. These include:

  • Riding arenas
  • Paddocks
  • Open stables
  • Gateways
  • Lunging arenas
  • Arenas
  • Round pens
  • Turnouts
  • Paddock approaches

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