Check out Pikeur’s new Grip Breeches [Promotion]

Pikeur’s new Grip Breeches take stickability to a whole new level.

Unlike most “sticky” knee or full-seat breeches, a brand new technological process allows the grip coating to be applied to the breeches in an interrupted pattern, rather than a solid layer.

Rodrigo 490px

The rider can therefore continue to enjoy the full benefits of Pikeur’s superb cotton microfibre fabrics, which are highly elastic; skin-friendly; very robust and breathable.

4914_12_7957_Lucinda Grip_back Currently available in the Lucinda (full seat, pictured left) and the Prisca (knee patches, pictured top) for ladies; and in the Rossini and the Rodrigo (pictured above) for men, Pikeur’s Grip Breeches come in a wide range of colours and cost between £130 and £180.


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