One sniff from a horse informs him in a nano second whether you are friend or foe — leader or loser.

How well we get on with a horse  — or not — can be dependant on the aroma of our pheromones. Some pheromones inform the horse that we are confident and friendly  while others inform of our apprehension. Apprehension triggers adrenalin in us which can quickly upset a sensitive horse.

PAX aromatic perfume is applied to the person, not the horse. It instantly disguises our adrenalin and informs the horse that we are his calm leader and friend. Use ad-lib. This promotes calmness and sociability, sometimes to the point of bonding.

People who have naturally low adrenalin levels usually get on better with horses than those with high levels. Whether our occasional rush of adrenalin is caused by worry or merely by our excitement is of no consequence to the horse; adrenalin automatically makes horses nervous and can trigger the flight or fight mechanism. Most horses do eventually get used to us and our adrenalin and learn to ignore it — but some horses don’t.

It used to be thought that nervousness and adrenalin was good for competition because it kept a horse “on its toes”, but scientists have found that adrenalin saps energy, which can cost the race. Controlled calmness is now thought to be best.

PAX aromatic is both calming and beneficial when dealing with aggressive, hormonal or coltish behaviour, and for those horses which continually jog, worry, box walk or sweat and get over excited — particularly at the races or other events.

PAX aromatic is an ancient remedy which was known in closed circles for centuries as “the best kept secret in the horse world”. It contains only a mixture of herbs in an alcohol base and is safe for all competition. It is very economical and most easy to use — and it has the major advantage of not being ingested.

PAX aromatic was submitted to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate on 27 September 2006 (ref; ULM) 7205. They state that Pax aromatic is not on their remit.

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