Paul Friday Talks Acid Ease with Protexin Equine Premium [Promotion]

Jonathan Nelson, Protexin Equine Premium Director met up with Paul Friday to discuss his experience with Acid Ease, the unique, concentrated, palatable combination of antacids, fibre, kaolin, amino acids and Protexin probiotics and prebiotics. Suitable to calm excess acid in all horses and weaned foals.

JN: I met Paul about three years ago through a chance meeting with his working pupil and head girl Stephanie Toogood. Steph had a difficult but talented event horse that was struggling to maintain weight, was difficult to train and reluctant to work; showing all the classic signs of at least gastritis if not gastric ulcers. Steph couldn’t afford the Gastro Guard treatment so decided to give Acid Ease a try for a month.

PF: The difference within a week was remarkable, the horse was more relaxed, more forward in his work and the mare looked a picture after the month. The competition results speak for themselves as she went from pre novice to advanced in three seasons getting results on every run.

JN: Have you had further success with the product?

PF: Yes, over the last three years we have tried several other horses on Acid Ease and all have responded well. The latest horse is Santos, my eight-year-old gelding who is working at advanced medium. He’s quite a hot horse that was getting very girthy and difficult to keep weight on. About a week or so after we had put him on Acid Ease he responded and become more relaxed, responsive and much lighter in the hand.

There’s another three-year-old as well that we have just broken who also ran up light and got very stressed, but again responded well after a week of Acid Ease.

We normally vary the dose according to the work they are in and the stage of training but generally reducing by half when the horses are at home training, and upping it to full rate again when they are due to travel to a competition, or if they look like they are beginning to become more stressed at home.

JN: Thanks Paul, there’s another great practical example of how Protexin products can be incorporated into the daily management of competition horses to help you achieve better results through gut management.

Use the Protexin Equine Premium range as one piece of the management and training jigsaw, as it is the small things that can make the difference.

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