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10% OFF the Ardall Safety Rider — for safer riders and happier horses

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The long, summer days and good weather make for perfect conditions for breaking and training young horses. But no matter how good conditions are, horses in general and youngsters in particular can at best be unpredictable and at worst verge on being dangerous!

As a result, since its launch in 2011 the Ardall Safety Rider (SR) has become an indispensable piece of equipment in countless training yards around the world. And for a limited time only Horse & Hound readers can get 10% OFF the price of the Ardall SR1 or SR2.

Why use an Ardall Safety Rider?

Young horses Ditch

Designed in Ireland by experienced horseman Paul Murphy, the Ardall SR1 and SR2 can help prevent serious rider injury when breaking and training horses. These Safety Riders allow a horse to be trained to accept the presence of a person on its back, without putting a rider in the dangerous position of being on board a panicked, bucking and potentially dangerous youngster.

Mature horses

Ardall Safety Riders also have significant benefits for ongoing training of performance horses, for muscle development or for bringing horses back to full fitness after injury.

If you lunge or long rein horses on a regular basis, then the Ardall Safety Rider will soon become an essential piece of equipment that you will wonder how you ever lived without!

10% OFF until 6 July!

Both the Ardall SR1 and SR2 are built to last and will bring their safety benefits to your yard for many, many years to come. And to make this investment in your safety even more affordable, Ardall is offering 10% OFF the price of the SR1 and SR2 until 6 July, 2014.

To take advantage of this discount, simply go to the Ardall online store where you can choose either the SR1 or SR2 for your yard. Then simply use the discount code HHSUMMER1014 at checkout to receive 10% OFF the purchase price.

Ardall SR1 or Ardall SR2?

Ardall SR1

Ardall-Safety-RiderThe SR1 is the original Safety Rider designed to help make breaking and training horses safer and more progressive. It has the following features and benefits:

1. The Torso – The spring enhanced torso resembles a legless, human torso with short arms. When mounted, it moves in rhythm and balance with the horse helping the horse to accept the presence of a rider on its back (both visually and physically) without putting a rider in danger should the horse become upset and resistant.
2. The Base – The torso is affixed to a flat, solid base which has been specially moulded to fit any standard saddle shape. The base features side straps to secure it onto the horse’s back and a screw-on ring, which allows the reins to pass through if required while lunging or long-reining. The secure design of the Safety Rider ensures that it cannot be dislodged should the horse become panicked and start bucking or rearing. This means that the horse does not learn that a rider can simply be dislodged through bad behaviour, whilst also avoiding putting the rider in such a dangerous situation.
Ardall weights3. The Harness – The movement of the torso is regulated by a uniquely designed harness, which can be adjusted to allow for more or less movement, depending on the level of training of the horse.
4. The Weights – The Safety Rider incorporates removable, weighted leg boots, which can be added as required at an appropriate stage in the horse’s training. These weights serve to make the Ardall SR1 heavier, helping to get the horse accustomed to carrying more weight, whilst also helping to introduce the horse to the sensation of a rider’s legs on his sides.
5. The Ardall SR1 is made using high quality, durable materials which are designed to last.

Ardall SR2

In addition to the features and benefits listed above, the SR2 has the added feature of a foldable torso to further enhance the training of particularly nervous and spooky horses.


The torso of the Ardall SR2 offers the option of being used folded at half height, or erect at full height. This makes it ideal for particularly nervous horses as the Ardall SR2 can be introduced at the lower, folded height and once the horse is comfortable and confident, it can be unfolded to sit erect at full height and so give the horse the proper feeling of having a rider on its back.

What people say about the Ardall Safety Riders

“Our Ardall Safety Rider has become a very important member of our team and we only wish that he had arrived much sooner. We have had only positive experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Ardall Safety Rider to anybody involved in breaking horses.” Ken Parkhill MRCVS, Castletown Quarry Stud. Visit the Ardall website to read more testimonials of how the Ardall Safety Rider benefits horse trainers around the world.

The Ardall SR1 is priced at €490 and with 10% OFF is just €441 (approx. £352). The Ardall SR2 is just €620 and so with the 10% is just €558 (approx. £446). But make sure you take advantage of this offer by 6July, 2014.

For more information see www.ardall.com or call +353 66 9767234

View Ardall user videos and testimonials on YouTube

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