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    Confidence workshops for riders run throughout the UK.  The ConfidentHorseRider Programme has been developed specifically for riders who suffer any type of confidence difficulty.

    If you get scared or anxious before and whilst you ride, battle with the ‘what ifs’, freeze, or feel shaky, sick or scared, then this programme offers you a choice of options to enable you to make fast, permanent, positive changes, not only on a conscious level, but also at a deeper level, so the changes are with you for life!

    These changes, including personalised hypnotherapy recordings, can make an immediate impact. Others take a little longer to have an effect, but you will notice you almost ‘forget’ to be nervous!

    The courses are for riders from all backgrounds, riding at any level, from those who find it difficult to get on their horse, right up to those riding internationally.

    Con-HR1Group workshops are run all over the UK. The workshops are focused entirely on building your confidence when riding by utilizing the very latest techniques and mental strategies developed in rider psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP and sports coaching.

    Although intensive, these days are always fun! The group is made up of riders who have struggled with their confidence in one way or another and therefore there is an opportunity to make new friends, which all adds to a support network to help you.

    The workshops are mainly un-mounted, but often have an optional mounted session later in the day or the next day. You are free to take part in any exercise or just watch and work on them in your own time at home. Rider packs full of important information are always supplied.

    These are priced at £85 (un-mounted).  Amazing value for a life changing day!

    Con-HR3Private workshops are provided for individual riders.  Each rider is uniquely different and a professional, deeper understanding of personalities and needs is always beneficial to make important changes.

    The day is completely focused on regaining your confidence with strategies specifically designed for the particular rider. If you wish, you can include a mounted session on your own horse.

    The day is completely flexible, as with the other workshops, because we need to make sure all areas of difficulties are addressed before the end of the day, which costs  £245.

    con-hr-discsOnline confidence courses are completely unique in that you can work at your own pace in your own home.

    Once again, everything is focused specifically on your particular difficulties and geared around helping you in your situation. These workshops enable you to put in all that is needed to make important changes, even before you ride.

    The online course offers three additional elements that are completely unique.  Before you start your course, you receive a private coaching session where we discuss your needs and get to know each other. Based on feedback from your assignments, your are sent your very own personlised hypnotherapy recording.  This will be sent to you as you progress through the course.

    £145 is the introductory offer for this new course.

    Con-HR2Personalised hypnotherapy recordings are available for riders.  Carefully created using precise words and phrases tailored to you and the difficulties you would like to overcome.  We have a full range of hypnosis recordings on every riding activity.

    Con-HR4Organisers are always wanted to help with promoting a group workshop in all areas (even those already covered).

    Benefits of being an organiser are a free workshop and mounted session plus a 50% discount on a hypnosis mp3 of your choice.  Organisers generally look out for a suitable venue, help promote the event where possible (usually via Facebook) and if the venue is more than four hours from Devon, help with sourcing accommodation.

    A min of eight riders, excluding the organiser, are needed to run a workshop.

    Con-HR5The ConfidentHorseRider programme  has been developed by Amanda Kirtland-Page.  Amanda, who raced and evented internationally when younger, suffered a bad accident in her mid 20’s and was unable to ride for a number of years. Using all her therapy training, she worked on developing her own confidence that had been shattered and now rides and competes her horse Pedro.  She has just competed at Arena UK and was an England team member (SW) at the British Dressage Home International.

    Amanda is an accredited hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and NLP sports coach. She’s been teaching riding for over 35 years and over the past 18 years, worked specifically with riders who suffer confidence issues.

    Four years ago, she developed The ConfidentHorseRider Programme in order to help riders who have suffered as she had with a confidence crisis.  It is important for anyone helping those with confidence issues, to have gone through the process themselves and are able to really understand and empathise with riders suffering powerful feelings.

    www.confidenthorserider.co.uk are offering a free download for general relaxation and calm.

    Testimonials are also on the site.

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