Molenkoning unveils new oval horsewalker [Promotion]

Horsewalker specialist, Molenkoning UK, is constantly working on innovation and is proud to introduce its exciting new oval exerciser (pictured top).

Nicky de Swart from the Molenkoning says: “We already had a lot of experience in making classic round walkers and this project is a nice addition to our range.

“The oval exerciser has no limits in terms of size — it can be as big as you want — and can be square, rectangular, or round in shape. The area in the middle of the walker place, can be used as a lunge pen or for storage.

“Another special feature is that the pusher gates run on a rail above the track. We use a dual rail for stability and a drive rod to drive the walker.

“We have been working on this new type of walker for a year and the first examples are now available.’’

For more information visit: www.molenkoning.nl or email: nicky@molenkoning.nl

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