LexveT International equine supplements’ offer at Badminton [PROMOTION]

LexveT International premium equine supplements give genuine results you can see. LexveT products were formulated as one supplement suitable for ALL your horses and ponies for optimal coat, condition, hooves and general wellbeing.

Lexvet Mineral Mix and B1 Cool Mix contain balanced ratios of essential macro and trace minerals, vitamins and electrolytes but have NO fillers, energy or protein. This makes them perfect for all horses including poor doers, those with laminitis, Cushing’s, PSSM, EMS and good doers by giving you the flexibility to tailor each horse or pony’s feeding program to suit their needs.

LexveT Mineral Mix is recommended for breeding stock, performance horses, racehorses, retired horses, veterans, spelling horses, pleasure horses and ponies.

LexveT B1 Cool Mix is an ideal supplement for horses which tend to be nervous or fizzy. It has the same ingredients as the Mineral Mix plus higher levels of Magnesium and Vitamin B1.

Not just another supplement — LexveT get the results you really want!

Stand at Badminton:
In the World of The Horse

FREE — 1 week trial pack Or take advantage of our 7 week (5kg) trial pack for only £21
Lexvet supplements contain balanced ratios of essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for optimal performance, coat, condition, hooves and general wellbeing.



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