Knights Without Armour [Promotion]

  • KNIGHTS WITHOUT ARMOUR is the re-titled edition of HOME BY CHRISTMAS by Bridget Beresford and Major Richard Waygood MBE.

    This compelling historical novel is set at the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

    Knights Without Armour

    Andrew Harrington-West, a Captain in the King’s Own Cavalry, not only faces danger from the fierce fighting, but has to cope with his own emotions as he leads his men through the traumas of everyday life on the Western Front.

    His cavalrymen, a team of soldiers from very different social backgrounds, are thrown together by the hazards of war, but as they fight alongside each other the class barriers gradually break down. Prejudice and scorn slowly grow into love and respect as they face spies, deserters, and a very weak and dangerous British officer.

    Not least they attempt to rescue a beautiful, spirited French girl from under the noses of the Germans. When Andrew’s father, Lord Hawkenfield, becomes aware that his son has fallen in love, he is horrified at his choice of young woman. Andrew then has to face strong disapproval from a powerful man who always expects to have his own way.

    The story begins, when after a skirmish with the enemy, the British and their horses become lost behind enemy lines. They have to find their way back to their own territory with the Germans in close pursuit.

    The authors: Bridget Beresford spent several years hunting in the great forests of Northern France, often riding over WWI battlefields.

    She heard many anecdotes from Great War veterans and their surviving relatives. While there, she was deeply effected by the immense bravery of the men who went out to fight in the war that was called “The war to end all wars”.

    When she had to return to England she always remembered the tragic and courageous personal stories of those old soldiers and French civilians who described the hell that they had had to live through.

    Once in England she set up her own yard breaking and schooling horses, also training and riding point-to-pointers and eventers. She now suffers with rheumatoid arthritis and can no longer ride, because, she explains, “falling off causes too many problems”.

    She is a dressage judge and an equine iridologist. Her first book Bolted, a murder/mystery set in the horsey world of dressage and eventing, is available on Amazon Books for Kindle. co.uk

    Major Richard Waygood MBE joined the Household Cavalry as a Trooper at the age of 16. He rose up through the ranks to hold the highly prestigious appointment of Riding Master.

    Within this role he was responsible for training the soldiers and horses in preparation for ceremonial parades such as The Queen’s Birthday Parade. Richard evented to International level and rode several horses for Her Majesty the Queen.

    He left the army in 2009 to embark on the next chapter of his career when he became the Chef d’Equipe to the British Dressage Team. He enjoyed great success at the London Olympics where they won both the Team and Individual Gold medals. He is also the Chef d’Equipe / coach for the 2 star British Eventing Squad who won Team Gold at the 2011 European Championships.

    He is a much sort after trainer holding many clinics in this country as well as overseas, including Germany, Spain, India and the Middle East. He also gives motivational talks.

    He is Assistant Director of the British Military Tournament and an ambassador for the Brooke Hospital Charity. His wealth of cavalry knowledge and passion for the Cavalry throughout the ages has added colour and authenticity to this captivating and enthralling novel.

    KNIGHTS WITHOUT ARMOUR is available on Amazon Books for Kindle.co.uk This is the link: www.amazon.co.uk

    The first edition of Knights Without Armour is also available in paperback entitled Home By Christmas. Please email bridgetberesford@btinternet.com if you would like a collector’s copy. The price is £10 including postage and packing.

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