The John Whitaker and Whitaker Collection range just got bigger! [Promotion]

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The John Whitaker and Whitaker Collection have expanded their range of sizes in all gloves to cater for a wider variety of riders, including junior and XXL sizes.

GEO John Whitaker Super Stretch Gloves

GEO-lgAs worn by John Whitaker himself, the JW Super Stretch Gloves are durable and lightweight. Offering advanced stretch and elasticity, these gloves are ideal for all weather conditions and available in brown or navy. RRP £18.00 www.johnwhitakerintltd.com/product_detail.cfm?id=GEO

G024 Whitaker Sport Grip GlovesGloves Pic 490px
The Whitaker Sport Grip Gloves feature our innovative Whitaker silicone grip system along the palm of the hand to improve control and grip. These gloves are ideal for everyday riding and the slim elasticated stretch fit fabric prevents restriction of movement, keeping your hands cool and comfortable. Ideal for summer weather.
RRP £12.50 www.johnwhitakerintltd.com/product_detail.cfm?id=G024

GG2 Navy-RedGG2 Honeycomb Gripper Gloves
The JW Gripper Gloves are extremely lightweight and breathable. Made with a honeycomb polyurethane fabric and Lycra panels along the depth of the fingers to increase additional feel against the reins. Available in 4 colours: black with silver, navy with red, brown with black or red with navy.
RRP £28.00 www.johnwhitakerintltd.com/product_detail.cfm?id=GG2

G023 Silicone Gripper Glovesg023-lg
The John Whitaker Gripper Gloves use our innovative silicone system shaped to adapt to the vital contact points along the hand. The comfortable stretch outer and thick fleece lined inner is ideal for keeping your hands warm in all weather conditions. The upper material contains our new silicone JW logo and the super soft, flexible fabric makes this material ideal for any use.
RRP £12.50 www.johnwhitakerintltd.com/product_detail.cfm?id=G023

g025-lgG025 Leather Effect Performance Gloves
These Performance Gloves feature a grain leather effect and tonal Lycra sections along the knuckles. These gloves are highly durable; ideal for hunting, jumping or casual riding and feature John’s signature embroidered along the wrist strap.
RRP £15.00 www.johnwhitakerintltd.com/product_detail.cfm?id=G025

GL9- Leather Competition Gloves
The JW Leather Gloves are the comfortable option for all GL9competition riders. Made from smooth, soft leather and a slim inner fleece lining gives extra comfort without compromising on quality.  The Velcro wrist straps and Lycra inserts along the knuckles combine style, comfort and control. Available in black and navy, these gloves are suitable for most weather conditions.
RRP £30.00

All gloves are available in junior size and adults size XS-XXL.
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