Is love for a horse one-sided and do I have time for a man? [Promotion]

Although every horsey girl will claim that they love their four-legged equine partner more than any man we all know that sometimes we need a little more than this one-sided love affair!

In the perfect world we would master Jilly Cooper style images of immaculately manicured girls strutting around in their tight breeches and long boots, whilst simultaneously achieving the high levels of stable care and riding perfection our Pony Club instructors attempted to drill in to us.

Sadly, the reality is that to look after and train our beloved dobbins our image is more comparable to that of the yard brush; who hasn’t been out to the pub discretely picking hay out of their hair?!

We all know that, no matter how hard we scrub, that odour l’cheval that we find so comforting, is somewhat of an acquired taste.

Let’s face it, after completing multiple chores for our one hour of intense pilate-aerobic workout that we like to call ‘riding’ who has the energy to put into the serious make-over that it takes to ‘de-horse’?

Our dedication to our equines means that our commitment to social gatherings can sometimes be rather lapse. Now, that is not to say that we haven’t used this to our advantage, I am sure I am not the only to have used the lines ‘I can’t make that date, I am competing’, or ‘Black Beauty is looking a little colicky this evening, I think I ought to stay with him’ (or, in another language I want to crash out on the sofa, my legs hurt too much to get up the stairs, never mind throw shapes on the dance floor!)

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