Innovative new saddle from John Whitaker International [Promotion]

John Whitaker and ArgentoWe all know that it is hard to find a perfect fitting saddle for your horse, which is why John Whitaker International have designed the new JWI Saddle Collection.

For a rider like John with over 50 horses on his yard it is impossible to have a saddle for each horse. While JWI appreciates there is sometimes a need for a made-to-measure saddle for a specific horse, the company feels it is not necessary for the majority of horses. This is the reason the team JWI has carried out extensive research over the years and developed a range of saddles to suit most horses, ponies and riders.

John Whitaker saddle

The new Professional Saddle (right) has all the luxury you would expect from a John Whitaker saddle and is used by John himself. This luxurious saddle features the new JW diamond logo in high-quality calf skin. It is finished with super-soft panels making it competition ready without needing to break-in. All saddles in the John Whitaker collection feature the revolutionary elastic nylon tree that is guaranteed for life, allowing up to 2cm stretch or reduction to find the perfect fit for your horse.

The saddle styles are designed for every horse and rider, ranging from the adaptable Whitaker1 All Purpose Saddle, the super-soft Robert Saddle with calfskin seat and knee rolls and the Professional Saddle used by John himself. And don’t forget the best-selling Kids’ Saddle and Young Rider Saddle. Prices start from £800.

To view the complete collection of saddles visit: www.johnwhitakerintltd.com/product_listing.cfm?cat_id=1&sub_cat_id=SADCOMP

John Whitaker saddleJWI has combined a multitude of knowledge and experience of the horse, rider and marketplace in order to offer a top-quality performing saddle range at affordable prices.


W. www.johnwhitaker.com

T. +44 (0)1706 340 500

E. info@jwiltd.net

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