The innovation behind Horseware’s iconic Rambo rug [Promotion]

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This year, Horseware rugs celebrates 30 years of ground-breaking rug technology, assuring protection, breathability and freedom of movement.

Where it all began…
HORSEWARE started with a small team in Dundalk, Ireland in 1985. Founder Tom MacGuinness looked to create a waterproof yet breathable and warm rug for horses, which was also functional and stylish. After months of research and testing from his base at the family’s home in Dundalk, the Rambo Original was born. The creation of the iconic green and red Rambo Turnout would be the rug that would revolutionise the equestrian blanket industry.Where-it-all-began

Horseware’s Rambo rug collection is still made in-house at the headquarters in Dundalk.

With the success and demand for the Rambo, Tom has broadened Horseware’s horizons even further. He has constantly pushed the industry bar higher, introducing quality rugs equipped with the latest blanket technology and innovation.

30 years and counting….
This year marks Horseware’s 30th anniversary, and the company is pleased to have remained the world’s most trusted producer of horse rugs. Horseware has expanded into other markets, including clothing, dog rugs and sports-therapy products for both equine and canine. Some of the latest innovations include Hypocare Ice Vibe, Sportz Vibe and Ionic Blankets.


Pioneering rug features that changed the industry
WHEN Tom began Horseware 30 years ago, people used New Zealand or jute rugs to protect their horses. These fabrics did not breathe, lost their waterproof abilities easily and were extremely heavy to lift. Furthermore, the poor fit of the rugs caused many of the rugs to slide off the horse, which became a danger to the animal itself.

After attending an information day on fabrics, Tom learnt about the latest waterproof technologies, which matched up to his desire to design a lightweight, breathable and waterproof rug. This would be better for both the horse and owner. So, Tom began making the famous Rambo rugs with super-tough and lightweight ballistic nylon, then adding the Aquatrans coating to make it waterproof and breathable. This has revolutionised the horse rugging industry, and now many other rug companies have followed suit. The use of versions of nylon, polypropylene and polyester as outer materials is now commonplace.

FeaturesProtection and breathability
A turnout rug’s job is to protect the horse from wet and allow the skin to breathe. All Horseware rugs are waterproofed to 3,000mm and breathable to 3,000mm. The Rambo and Rhino range use the Aquatrans coating for the outer, with a Hydrophillic coating on the inner. Hydrophillics take up the sweat to push it out through the Hydrophobic outer, which makes it waterproof. This technology allows Horseware to give a waterproof guarantee on your Rambo rug for three years.Protection-and-breathability

In addition, Horseware has also developed patented leg arches for ease of leg movement, ensuring your horse can move freely in the field. Our patented V-front closure system offers unimpeded shoulder movement, while removing pressure from the withers.

The Rambo Split technology, launched with the Rambo Optimo rug in 2011, has been revolutionary in allowing freedom of movement for the horse. Our latest launch was the Rambo Vari-layer technology where we are offering more warmth with less weight.

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