Horses4Homes, the rehoming charity, has already smashed its rehoming figures for 2012.

It has over 150 horses available for loan or transfer of ownership.

The variety of horses and ponies is considerable, each one greatly in need of a new home due to the owner’s change in personal circumstance.

New horses are listed daily and promoted via the charity’s very active Facebook page.

Each horse’s health history, behaviour and temperament is described in full detail on the site enabling people to make informed decisions when taking on new horses.

Owners do not receive any funds for rehoming so are not motivated to be sceptical with the truth which is very refreshing.

The primary concern for owners is to find the most suitable, long term home for their much loved animal.

The only cost to successful applicants is a small donation to the charity for the horse, enabling the Horses4Homes to continue its work.

The online application process, implemented by the charity is the first of its kind in the world and the rehoming success is down to the effectiveness of this bespoke system.

Take a look at their testimonials page as it speaks volumes!

If you can give a horse a home please take a look at the incredible variety of horses available and Facebook page