HerbiLIX licks from Brinicombe Equine [Promotion]

  • Worried your grazing isn’t meeting all your horse’s nutrient needs?….HerbiLIX licks from Brinicombe Equine provide the solution.

    HerbiLIX low sugar licks from Brinicombe Equine not only supply a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, but also a powerful herbal blend with our unique Devon Bankä. This puts traditional hedgerow herbs such as nettles, cleavers and dandelion back into the modern horses’ diet with benefits such as supporting function of the liver, immune system and circulation. Another benefit to Devon Bankä in our HerbiLIX licks is the delicious aroma and palatability achieved without high levels of molasses and sugar, making it safe to feed to horses who are adversely affected by high sugar levels in the diet, such as those prone to laminitis.

    These licks are available in two versions, HerbiLIX Original and HerbiLIX Airways, which provides additional ingredients including eucalyptus, menthol and garlic to help settle sensitive airways this summer.

    Brinicombe Equine’s HerbiLIX licks are on special offer until the end of June, to find out more visit www.brinicombe-equine.co.uk. Or contact their EquiClinic on 08700 606206.

    HerbiLIX tub

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