HEDCAM — The piece of kit that can enhance safety and improve your riding [Promotion]

  • 6835767300_19db6cda78_oThe ever-popular HEDCAM and now released HEDCAM Ten80 (due for launch in November) are unobtrusive and extremely lightweight, thumb-sized wearable camcorders that are fully self contained with a built-in battery that gives approximately 1.5 hours of filming time in FULL 1080P HD mode (720P HD for HEDCAM) . 

    They take MicroSD cards up to 32GB — the card is simply removed and the footage played back on a laptop. It could not be simpler to use.

    Although many people are using these great little cameras to record their rides out so that they can relive their memories and share with family and friends through social media, there is much more than meets the eye!

    The HEDCAM is not only used by horse riders, but has been tested by snowboarders, skiiers, surfers, mountain climbers, free-runners, dirt bike riders, rally car drivers and participants in every other extreme sport known to man. Footage can be viewed at www.HEDCAMz.com. 


    As reported in 10 October issue of Horse & Hound, riders hacking out are increasingly deemed to be a nuisance by drivers and are subjected to some appalling driving and experiences. 

    There are horrendous stories abounding on website forums, with many drivers thinking they are within their rights to repeat frightening, careless and dangerous behaviour.  Catching them has been the problem. It is difficult to memorise a make, model, colour and registration of a car while concentrating on keeping your horse under control.  Even if it is possible to remember all the details, you then have to get to the police station, report the incident and present proof. Otherwise it is your word against theirs.

    There is a simple and inexpensive solution to this — use a HEDCAM.


    HEDCAMz had a meeting in 2012 with BHS director of access, safety and welfare  Mark Weston and Sheila Hardy, the BHS senior executive in the safety department. They met up with HEDCAMz director Carl Long and commented on the huge value that this tiny camera has in the war against careless and dangerous driving.

    Improving your riding

    As a training aid the camera is also used by top riders, helping them to improve their performances and dissect rounds, demonstrating and identifying where improvements can be made. Similarly the life of expensive lessons can be extended by recording and storing the footage to be revisited at a later date. This extends the practical value of your lessons beyond the hour of tuition and enables you to create your own HD reference library. You never need forget vital tips and techniques again.


    Similarly if you are encountering difficulties in your training, you can quickly and simply send footage over to your trainer for a quick and inexpensive appraisal and valuable help.

    The list of ways in which HEDCAMz can be utilised is growing every day. Help the makers add to it by submitting your ideas to info@HEDCAMz.com.


    Ben Maher wearing the HEDCAM at the Eraser Stakes 2011 at London Olympia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMHqYpQnol8

    “I’m a cynic and a sceptic, but this is bloody brilliant! It doesn’t interfere with you when you wear it on your helmet. It is so light, it doesn’t bounce and you don’t notice it. It gives a brilliant picture, clear sound, and is so simple to use. I cannot believe how clear the picture is” — top rider

    Video from Burghley 2013 with Paul Tapner wearing the HEDCAM Ten80: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-QjpO_8Yxc

    For a longer list of testimonials from leading sportspeople and riders, please visit www.HEDCAMz.com

    Prices start at £99.99

    Contact: www.HEDCAMz.com or   Tel: +44 (0)1978 633013 or +44 (0) 7801 228509







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