Happy Tummy Charcoal [Promotion]

  • Happy Tummy Charcoal is now well established as the best natural gastric conditioner on the market, and has helped thousands of horses recover from gastric ulcers, colic, wind-sucking, crib-biting, lameness and dozens of similar systemic complaints.

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    Its 100% success rate is due mainly to its unique ability to adsorb toxins from your horse’s system safely, naturally and at a rate which is compatible with his digestive processes.

    This clears the way for his immune system to work at its optimum, making for a healthier, happier horse. Happy Tummy charcoal is economical to use (around 20p per day) and, because it’s odour-free and tasteless, horses take to it readily when it’s mixed in with their feed.

    Happy Tummy Charcoal is entirely organic and is the best natural way to control over-acidity and stomach ulcers.

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    We have a special offer on this week only to readers of Horse and Hound. You can buy a 3L (0.9kg) starter tub of Happy Tummy for £25 including p&p, saving £10. Quote the discount code HH06HT.

    For this special offer visit www.finefettlefeed.com or call Fine Fettle Feed on 01600 712496

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