Equine-inspired jewellery you’ll want to wear [Promotion]

Loriece ringArtist and goldsmith Loriece Boatright has had a lifelong passion for horses.

She says: “I understand how it feels to run your hand down the back of a horse and stand so close to his nose that you can smell his sweet warm breath and feel the whiskers on his chin. I have hacked in the early morning, when the air is moist and cool and punctuated by the rhythm of a trot. I have jumped a course in unison and reached for breath at its completion.

“Each piece of equestrian jewellery I make has a story. For over 18 years I have drawn, hand carved and sculpted wax into authentic, elegant creations, which are then cast in silver and fine gold. My pleasure is to capture an element of your riding experience, one that holds meaning for you and transform it into jewelry that you can wear for a lifetime.

“Riders tell, me, ‘every time I wear your jewellery, people compliment me’.”

Find out more at www.loriece.com

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