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    Read what horse owners are saying about Equilibrium Products’ ‘must have’ product and why it has become an essential piece of equipment for many international riders

    Discover the real story behind the Equilibrium Therapy Massage and why six years on so many riders are still shouting about it.

    ‘I have one, and its fab!’

    ‘He loves it, I can feel a difference and it has cut down on our warm up time by half. Well worth the money’

    ‘They are brilliant – been using mine for just over a week now and even after that short time I can tell the difference’.

    ‘This has to be one of my all-time best buys. It’s rare a product has such unanimous support’

    These positive testimonials are a regular feature in Horse & Hound and British Dressage forums, but read more below.

    Massage Pad Story

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad was created in 2008 by the company founder Margaret Donnelly when she was undergoing a course of sports massage for a bad back.  At the same time her horse Timmy was diagnosed with kissing spine.  While she started to experience the benefits of massage herself she had a sudden moment of inspiration and thought if it works for me it could work on my horses’ back so she invented the massage pad.

    Since then it has been a runaway success benefiting horses from all disciplines and across all levels of riding, from Dan Neilson’s four-star showjumpers to Judy Harvey’s Grand Prix dressage horse, Fitzceraldo.

    It can be used before each stage of competition to relax and warm up and afterwards to de-stress and help calm and cool down.  International event riders, Lucy Wiegersma and Sam Griffiths won’t leave home without one!

    But it has been proving its worth away from the competition circuit too. Leisure horses and veterans have enjoyed regular use of the massage pad helping to keep them relaxed and happy in body and mind.

    It’s easy to use and the horse loves it as it strokes, massages and vibrates any aches and pains away leaving the horse feeling relaxed, happy and healthy.

    Clinically proven to promote relaxation, improve back flexibility and can help to increase stride length. It is comfortable, soft and pliable to fit the contours of the horses shape, it covers the back from withers to quarters, it’s almost silent and the most important thing the horse actively enjoys the effect of the massage. See the test results here.

    The massage pad has been dubbed the ‘me time for your horse with benefits’.  Easy to use in just a few 30min sessions,  you will see how it can help to prevent back problems, help general recuperation, improve suppleness and enhance their mood; a horse that feels good is a happy horse and consequently, will perform much better.

    Best in Test

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad is fast becoming one of the most invaluable pieces of equipment to have in the stable. Horse and Rider magazine awarded the Equilibrium Therapy massage pad BEST IN TEST in January 2013.

    Used by Professional Riders

    Watch the video of Badminton 2014 winner Sam Griffiths as he talks about his success and why he uses the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad on all his horses.

    And see which other professional riders now find it an essential piece of equipment in preparing for competition here.

    All over Massage

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt was added in 2011.  Designed to be able to massage areas of the horse like the quarters, hamstrings, neck and poll, the Massage Mitt can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Equilibrium Therapy® Massage Pad for an all over massage.

    For a limited time retailers are offering a Therapy Special Combo offer to include a Massage Pad and a Massage Mitt for just £299.  See list of stockists here or contact Equilibrium Product for further details.

    Read more horse owners comments here.

    Full products details can be found on their website.

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