EQUILIBRIUM Products and Winter Leg Care [Promotion]

Based in Buckinghamshire on a working yard, Equilibrium Products is a company dedicated to the well-being of the horse by providing innovative product solutions designed to help horse owners solve common problems.

As horse owners ourselves, we know that winter can be a difficult time for horses and their carers. Struggling with cold, wet weather, muddy fields and short days can make these months a real challenge.

Turnout in these conditions can lead to injuries for young or boisterous horses and prolonged periods in muddy paddocks can lead to ailments such as mud fever.

What causes mud fever?

Mud Fever Leg_72dpi

Mud fever is caused by the bacterium dermatophilus congolensis. This is always present but under normal conditions cannot penetrate horses’ skin. Once the epidermis has been softened by constant immersion in wet mud, it is easily damaged, and the bacterium can easily take hold in the smallest of abrasions.

There are many products available to treat mud fever but prevention is better than cure. Prevention is all about minimizing the root causes — keeping legs clean and dry as much as possible, and reducing the risk of abrasion.

Close contact
Using turnout boots especially designed to keep the leg dry and clean can be very useful. However, the boots used must be breathable, or the skin could become over-hydrated and vulnerable to infection. Equi-Chaps® Close Contact Chaps from Equilibrium Products come well down over the hoof and heel area, helping to protect the skin in these vulnerable areas. They fit like a second skin and help to keep the horse’s legs dry and mud free.

Made from breathable Stomatex® and in a choice of six sizes, EQUI-CHAPS® Close Contact Chaps are extremely tough, fast drying and easy to fit.

RRP: £74.95 per pair

Watch the video: http://youtu.be/YdshV-e2TTQ

Customer review: “I bought the first pair of close contact chaps for her front legs to see how we got on, they are so soft and supple I had no problems with rubbing. After a week, I couldn’t believe how much less barrier grease I had to put on and how much cleaner and dryer her legs were. So, I bought another pair for her hind legs, one size up. Thank you so much, your product is innovative and more than functional!”

Tough turnout protection with EQUI-CHAPS® Hardy Chaps

Hardy Chaps

For the ultimate in leg protection during turnout EQUI-CHAPS® Hardy Chaps are designed to help prevent leg injuries during turn-out. EQUI-CHAPS® Hardy Chaps are made from a water resistant, fast drying 7mm Rotex (a tough PU coated neoprene). Extending from below the knee or hock to over the hoof and heel area for extra protection, the tough fabric of Equi-Chaps® Hardy Chaps is extremely durable, offers superb protection from over reaches, knocks and grazes, is easy to clean and is extremely comfortable for the horse to wear. They are ideal for use on fit horses which are turned out for a few hours each day or on accident-prone or boisterous horses. RRP: £54.95 per pair

Watch the video: http://youtu.be/JM6OEGz0AjI

Customer review “My mare bolted recently and jumped the fence out of the field, galloping for 3 miles on the road before she was caught. Without her hardy chaps, she would no doubt have sustained serious and possibly permanent damage to her legs. I realise how lucky we both were that she was wearing them!”

Keep legs warm and dry in the stable with Equi-Chaps® Stable Chaps

stable chaps

This quality range of products also include the Equi-Chaps® Stable Chaps designed to keep horse’s legs warm, dry and protected in the stable.

Equi-Chaps® Stable Chaps have become an essential part of the stable management routine for many. These soft but durable Stable Chaps completely encase the lower leg to help protect from scuffs and grazes, extending over the coronet band and bulbs of the heel to help protect these vulnerable areas. Lined with superb wicking material, Equi-Chaps® Stable Chaps are also ideal for wet, cold legs after exercise or turnout. By helping to keep joints warm and maintain effective circulation these Stable Chaps can help to relieve the symptoms of arthritis in afflicted horses and are perfect for horses with ringbone. Fast and simple to fit and remove, Equi-Chaps® Stable Chaps have a outer coating that repels shavings, straw, dust and dirt; is easy to clean and wash; and offers all the benefits of stable bandages but without the hassle of rolling bandages or the risks associated with their incorrect application.
RRP: £49.95 per pair

Watch the video: http://youtu.be/kOXYYv8GdAM

Customer Review – “I have used the Equilibrium Stable Chaps for about four years now. I find that they are great and reducing stiffness in my horse’s joints throughout the cold winter months. His legs do not fill up when he is wearing them – even when he has been stood in all night! They are easy to put on and off, as well as being easy to clean and they are a very smart design. An added bonus is that they are great for keeping his legs clean before hunting the next day and for drying his heels when I have washed him.“

To view our full range of products visit www.EquilibriumProducts.com or call 01442 879115

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