Equilibrium Products: Do you know about Munch? [Promotion]

10 (and a few more) things that you might not know about munch™ — the range of healthy snacks with added benefits from Equilibrium Products.Wellbeing Logo

munch™ – the healthy snack that’s good to treat

4 munch blocks

Based on top quality Yorkshire Timothy grass that has been carefully dried at a low temperature, munch® is packed with selected vitamins, minerals and herbs and sealed in a 1kg packs — perfect for competition days, as an in between meal snack, reward or boredom breaker.

1. munch™ snacks are made from top quality Yorkshire Timothy grass that has been mown and dried in 48 hours, slow dried at a low temperature and sealed in 1kg packs to maintain flavour, excellent nutrient content and their fresh green colour.

vitamunch varieties & nets

2. Our Timothy grass is grown and harvested with great attention to detail by award-winning Newhay Feeds in Yorkshire, who are so good they also grow peas for Birds Eye. Read more about Newhay

3. The farmer cuts the Timothy grass from the middle of the field to the outside edge to make sure any wildlife can escape freely.

4. The care taken during drying and storage means that mould contamination is minimal, and because we seal each bag, we don’t need artificial preservatives or mould inhibitors.

5. The essential minerals and vitamins are added to munch in a unique patent pending process which ensures perfect portion control in each block.

6. munch™ is a useful distraction for stressful situations such as box rest, travelling, loading, shoeing, clipping, separation and unforeseen circumstances.

7. The low sugar high fibre content of vitamunch® makes them a suitable snack addition for horses and ponies prone to laminitis, obesity or excitable behaviour.


8. munch™ can be fed to competition horses and ponies (read more here). A UFAS and NOPS accreditation has been applied for, meaning that our manufacturing processes closely controls all aspects of feed quality including a focus on excluding naturally occurring prohibited substances.

9. Before the launch, vitamunch® was tested for palatability by over 60 horses including the fussiest of thoroughbreds at the Thoroughbred Rehabiltation Centre and over 630 feeding occasions.

10. The individual sealed packs means that munch can be stored for 12 months to keep some at home, in the feed room, lorry or in the back of the car ready for your horse at any time.

vitamunch eating

11. There are two varieties of vitamunch®:

Heavenly Hedgerow with added Cleavers, Hawthorn Leaf and Rosehips.

– Marvellous Meadow with added Dandelion, Nettle and Red Clover. (Read more here)

12. The added herbs we have included are the herbs your horse would naturally choose in the fields and hedgerows.

13. Fleximunch™ and Calmmunch™ are the latest additions to the munch range, they are designed to work in conjunction with the existing diet to provide an extra top up to either the horse’s joint supplement regime or calmer. Calmmunch™ is fortified with magnesium, B vitamins, camomile, hops and vervain — well known for their calming properties. Fleximunch™ is enriched with Glucosamine, MSM and Rosehips, Ginger and Boswellia — well known for their joint supporting properties. (Read more about fleximunch™ here)(Read more about calmmunch™ here)

flexi calm munch

14. There is no added sugar from traditional feed binders such as molasses or Molglo; the sugar level we declare is the natural sugar content of the grass itself. Prior to cutting, we test the grass to check its sugar content is reduced to low and acceptable levels.

vitamunch moment

15. There are a variety of ways to feed munch™ — on the floor, in a bucket, in the field, or in the munchnet™, which will extend eating time. Or why not hide a munch block in the middle of your own filled haynet?

FAQ – For more information see www.equilibriumproducts.com

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