Creating innovative products using the very best materials available Equilibrium Products developed Stretch & Flex wraps and bandages with the wellbeing of the horse foremost in mind [Promotion]

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Stomatex® – the smart materialFlatwork Wrap showing stomatex

Stretch and Flex Training and Flatwork Wraps are soft, pliable and flexible allowing your horse to move freely, without the feeling of restriction. The wraps have been particularly designed with the comfort of the horse in mind. Both types of wraps are made from a revolutionary material called Stomatex®. Stomatex® is used across a wide range of products throughout the world including thermal protection, water sports, heat acclimatisation suits, sports injury supports and healthcare products.

Stomatex® material has an unusual appearance with raised spots covering the surface. It is a high performance fabric made from lightweight, ultra-thin, non porous polyester membrane that has multiple innovative uses. This unique material demonstrates superior tensile strength and elasticity, which provides four way stretch to enable use around mobile joints plus excellent support for active limbs.

Breathes like a leaf

Stomatex® works by replicating the way in which the stomata of a plant breaths and removes excess water through transpiration, an ideal feature for the warmer weather when a horse may get sweaty legs. The way in which Stomatex® actually works and efficiently removes trapped vapour molecules from beneath the fabric is by the flexing action of minute dome shaped chambers, each with a tiny pore in the centre. As the rate of physical activity increases whilst working a horse the dome shaped chambers create a self contained micro-climate keeping legs cooler and drier as air can pass through at a controlled rate. This keeps the skin free from perspirations and keeps the skin temperature at its optimum.

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Free Your Horses Natural Paces

Flatwork WrapsStretch and Flex Flatwork Wraps cover the horse’s leg from knee to fetlock. These are perfect for flatwork schooling and hacking established horses. The wraps offer supreme levels of comfort whilst protecting against minor scrapes and knocks. Flatwork Wraps have a thick cushioned panel that protects the horse’s fetlock joints and splint bones, without any hardness or rigidity, making them ideal for veterans.

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Training WrapsStretch and Flex Training Wraps are particularly good for young, imbalanced horses. They offer great support whilst training new movements and are ideal for big moving horses. Outstanding protection is provided when riding over uneven ground, hacking sharp or spooky horses and any fast work. They offer extra support, designed to extend further down the leg than the Flatwork wrap, supporting the fetlock joint and pastern. Extra thick, soft padding protects the tendons, the inside of the cannon bone, and the fetlock joint. A wrap around strap snugly supports the fetlock joint and prevents sand and grit from getting up inside the boot. These wraps fit snugly around the contours of the horse’s leg providing gentle support and protection.

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Two types of TrainingENTER & WIN

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