Equi-Trek Owner Walks Away From Horsebox Crash [Promotion]

Advertising Feature

All parties involved in a serious collision at 65mph while travelling in this Equi-Trek horsebox escaped serious injury.

The owner of the Equi-Trek Sonic, Mrs Bryce, said: “We cannot praise Equi-trek enough. Despite the considerable damage to the exterior of the vehicle, all passengers including myself, my 18-month-old grandson and my pregnant daughter walked away from the accident with only minor injuries. Our beloved pony was also unharmed, except for a small graze.

“My daughter, who was driving the Sonic at the time, went on to give birth to a healthy baby girl a few months after the crash. I would never consider purchasing any other make of horse transport.”

Equi-Trek horseboxes are designed to be among the safest, strongest horseboxes available. For more than 10 years, Equi-Trek has set the standard across the horse transport market by building only on brand new chassis, which carry full European Type Approval from the Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA). This ensures Equi-Trek vehicles meet the crucial safety and environmental criteria compulsory for all new vehicles in the UK. And as Equi-Trek products are always built in ISO9001 approved factories, this ensures the continued improvement of the quality of the product and service to the customer. 

It is the unique construction of Equi-Trek horseboxes that make them lightweight, but incredibly strong. For safety and strength, the reinforced bulkhead between the driver/passenger and the horse area is built into the construction of the horsebox. This can only be achieved when the chassis is at the beginning of its construction, which is why Equi-Trek exclusively use brand new chassis throughout their extensive horsebox range. It affords superior integral strength, hugely reducing the risk of injury to you and your horse.

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