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  • Equestrian-Surfaces-LogoChances are you won’t know who Thomas and James Harper are. You may however know the company name Equestrian Surfaces or maybe you won’t, but soon you will as these two are young, determined men who are going to take the surface industry by storm.


    Earlier this year these brothers found themselves becoming directors of the company their father founded in the early eighties. Paul unfortunately at the beginning of this year lost his battle to cancer, after devoting his life and career to designing and developing the best surfaces for horse and rider. Some people may be concerned about their age don’t be…. these two have been involved in the business from being very young with James building his first arena at 16, boosting 23years combined experience.

    Thomas and James definitely inherited their fathers’ passion and high standards, which they convert into every product that leaves their manufacturing base in Lancashire. Their initiative and vision allows Equestrian Surfaces to be the only company within the UK to make and manufacture their own fibre, which is the backbone of all equestrian surfaces.

    The two men complement each other perfectly with Thomas using his flair for new ideas and sales, Man-Pic-2while James controls the day to day running of the business, allowing the brothers to give equal measures of what the company needs. The brothers have identified that there are certain fields within the industry that need addressing, they are going to commit a lot of time and investment into doing just that.
    The brothers take the Research and Development side of the business extremely seriously, the industry is constantly changing and what better way to move with the times than with these two equestrian enthusiasts. Together they have taken great time and effort into almost rebranding the company and gaining people’s confidence in their products, this has been proven with high profile names that have now come aboard the Equestrian Surfaces band wagon, including Gareth Hughes, Katie Jerram, and Alex Hua Tian.

    Man-Pic-1It is the attention to detail that sets this company aside from the rest, with the fibre being home produced and sand coming from the same supplier guarantees the consistency of the product for ‘you’ the end client. It is this consistency which gives a greater standard of safety and harmony for horse and rider; it is this quality control which Equestrian Surfaces prides its business on.  In addition to this what can be better than being able to say that the product is fully manufactured within the UK, along with being environmentally accredited from the E.A. On top of the accreditation, Equestrian Surfaces can now boast to being the only company that manufacture their surfaces to ISO 9001 UKAS accredited standards. What does this mean to you? It means that Equestrian Surfaces can guarantee 100% that all our surfaces are manufactured to exactly that same quality, consistency and uniformity. All our processes have been rigorously tested to ensure the finished product for the client is as good as it could be.

    What splits Equestrian Surfaces up from the rest is the drive and passion these two have for improving the surface industry as a whole, and what more drive can you have than to make the business a success for your father. But there is one more piece to this puzzle; behind every strong man there is said to be the support of a woman, for these to it is definitely true with their mother overseeing the business as a whole. It is definitely a family affair which also allows for that personal touch in the everyday running of the operation.

    Find out much more at www.equestriansurfaces.co.uk

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