Quality AssuredEmpire-On-Front-of-CoachEmpire Coachbuilders Ltd is one of the leading companies in manufacturing and offering various services for horseboxes with more than 50 years of workshop experience. With their elite customer care, the company specialises in horseboxes for a luxurious travelling experience. They can build a brand-new home from home through to refurbishing existing horseboxes.

Investing In a Brand New Horsebox
Transporting your horses shouldn’t be a tedious task. Investing in a horsebox opens up an array of opportunities for both the horses and owners including mobile living, storage and convenience. These horseboxes are created for travelling in style — no distance is too far or uncomfortable in one of these bespoke vehicles. Empire Coachbuilders Ltd offer various types of horseboxes depending on your needs. Browse the Empire Coachbuilders website and take a look at the ‘Empire Range’, along with the specifications which can be altered to suit your preferences.

Refurbishing Your HorseboxCoach-InteriorEver have that urge to change how your horsebox looks? Whether it’s interior or exterior designs, Empire Coachbuilders offer a redesign service for your vehicle to improve comfort and functionality.

One of the biggest worries for horsebox buyers is how to dispose or make the most of their existing one. It can be quite wasteful to let an old horsebox rot away, but there are times when upgrading your horsebox is the only way to update it. In light of this concern, Empire Coachbuilders offers the option for trade-ins. For owners who prefer the classic or older models, these are also available in stock — browse through our current stock.

For Horse Breeders
Breeders will appreciate the importance of horseboxes for transport — which is why investing in one isn’t a decision that’s made without analysis and quality inspections. The horsebox has to be sturdy enough to brave the elements and harsh weather conditions of the UK. With five decades of industry experience, Empire Coachbuilders regularly research and implement various materials whilst building horseboxes to offer clients exactly what they want.

More on Empire
You can keep updated with the latest offers from Empire Coachbuilders through the news page. If you are interested in manufacturing, refurbishing or converting, then check out what’s available for you. Understand that building a horsebox for prospective clients is what we are here to do, so do not hesitate to ask if there is something you would like that isn’t on the website. The company offers more choices for horseboxes and related services, with the best workmanship in mind.

Why Choose Empire?Coach-Pic-1Aside from what is on offer, it is the quality workmanship of Empire Coachbuilders that has captured the loyalty of many equestrians all over Europe, both for basic and luxury lines.

Typically, the best horsebox manufacturer is not just classified by its price range, but the quality of the build. Functional facilities of the horsebox models must also be considered. Although it may not be easy to clarify what you will need, especially for first-time customers, Empire has the skill and experience to walk you through the process. Their sales director also competes so knows first-hand what you need when out and about one a busy competition day. Acquiring a quote for a horsebox or service can be done through the website at