Choosing the right feed for an ex-racehorse turned eventer with the Saracen Horse Feeds bursary *Promotion*

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Marketing executive Sian Barton dreams of eventing at intermediate level with her 11-year-old Kama Night, and thanks to winning the Saracen Horse Feeds/Horse & Hound Ex Racehorse to Event Horse bursary, she’s about to get world-class help to achieve her ambition.

The first element in the Saracen/Horse & Hound bursary is a visit from Saracen’s senior nutritionist Lizzie Drury, who is going to design the optimum feeding regime to help Sian and Kama achieve their ambitions. She wants to know what Kama is like and will assess his current condition.

Kama’s present diet is two hard feeds a day, based on a cool mix, a balancer, chop and a joint supplement with a large net of haylage during the day and grass at night.

Lizzie uses a weigh tape and calculates Kama weighs 570kg – which she will be keeping an eye on during the season, and will help her calculate the amounts of feed she will recommend.

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Lizzie’s recommended regime for Kama:

  • 2-3kg a day of Re-Leve split between two feeds
  • Around 400 grams of Equi-Jewel, in each feed
  • 9kg of haylage a day – 1½% – of his bodyweight – which Sian should weigh to make sure it’s the correct amount.
  • A joint supplement

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Lizzie will reassess Kama’s feeding regime later in the season, but already it seems to be paying dividends.

Sian reports: “Kama is enjoying his new feed and is already looking so much better.”

And they’ve just achieved one of their goals – a double clear at novice level.

“We got our first double clear at Richmond to be placed 5th., and I’m really chuffed.”

In the video below Lizzie explains the benefits of the new ration plan and how it will help an event horse like Kama. Watch the full nutritional consultation below.

For your own free, personalised feed plan, complete the feed advice form on the Saracen website.