Beresford PicBolted tells the story of a young widow Maddy Richards who, to cope with bereavement, has turned her small farm into livery stables. While losing herself through hard and absorbing work with horses she comes to terms with her grief. But her life is thrown into chaos when her friend Tamsin is killed in a freak riding accident. Maddy, without thinking of the danger, vows to get to the bottom of her friend’s death. In spite of the subsequent turmoil and threats to her own life, she unexpectedly falls in love.

The author Bridget Beresford had an idyllic childhood growing up in her grandfather’s home, Michelham Priory in East Sussex. She spent several years married to a Frenchman where she exercised and schooled horses in the great forests of northern France. On returning to England, Bridget earned her living breaking-in horses, eventing and riding and training point-to pointers.

Her life changed when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She eventually had to give up riding. She says: “I couldn’t afford to fall off, it caused too many problems”.

Bridget is now a dressage judge, a successful psychometrist for humans and equines, and an equine iridologist.

Bolted is out on Amazon in Kindle as well as paperback.

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Reviews for Bolted

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was well written and had a twist at the end that I wasn’t expecting. I look forward to reading her next novel” – L.S.

“I read this book on holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Being a dressage rider myself I almost thought I recognised some of the characters featured in the novel and loved the twist at the end. For me the ending definitely left a feeling that there is room for a sequel. So if you like an easy read from an author who clearly knows her subject matter then I would highly recommend it.” – J.L

I bolted thru this book! January 7, 2014 By ponys

“I enjoy reading horse-oriented mysteries and Bolted is a great one. The chemistry and friction between the main characters was just right. I could not put the book down! Hopefully the author will soon publish more of this genre.!

Bridget Beresford has also written two historical novels set during World War I with Richard Waygood. The first is Home By Christmas, and the sequel, Lions Guard The Way, is due to be published next month.