Bespoke equine portraits [Promotion]

  • Coral Rose specialises in creating traditional, full -colour, pastel animal portraits.

    She works from photographs to accurately capture a true likeness and an everlasting memory to treasure for a lifetime.

    She says: “Every portrait is created with the greatest of attention to detail, and all orders are guaranteed to be a true likeness.

    “It gives me enormous satisfaction to portray each and every animal to the best of my ability and to immortalise it forever. It is very rewarding when a client feels that I’ve achieved it as they are the best judge!”

    A personal portrait by Coral Rose makes an ideal gift for any occasion, or just as a keepsake for oneself, to remember a friend.

    For information on ordering your perfect equestrian portrait or you simply have a few minutes to enjoy some quality animal art, visit www.coralroseart.com or www.facebook.com/coralroseart

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