Animalife: free from prohibited substances [Promotion]

  • Are you unsure if your horse’s supplement contains a banned substance? Don’t simply assume that because a well-known company sells a product it will always comply. You must read the label!

    Ultimately it is the rider’s responsibility to know and understand the anti-doping rules and become familiar with the prohibited substances list. If you haven’t already checked it out, visit http://www.feicleansport.org which has a comprehensive list of the substances that are banned and which ones are allowed in a controlled manner.

    Animalife customers can rest assured that the company’s range of performance nutraceuticals, which includes Vetrofen, Vetroflex and Vetrocalm, are all free from prohibited substances. This is just one of the many reasons why riders such as William Fox-Pitt are now using the scientifically proven formulas on their competition horses, and why leading vets, trainers and international riders are recommending the 100% natural formulations.

    Horses perform better when fed Animalife products and the company is so confident in the results they offer a money-back guarantee.*

    For more information tel: 0845 365 0050 or visit: www.animalife.co.uk.* subject to terms and conditions.

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