Get 10% off all Animalife products* [Promotion]

For three days* only receive 10% off all Animalife products, including Vetrofen and Vetroflex. Simply visit www.animalife.co.uk and add the code HHJULY to your order at the checkout.

Animalife offer research proven performance nutraceuticals which are 100% natural, veterinary approved, gentle on the stomach, side effect free and the company are so confident in the results they offer a money back guarantee**.

From joint support product Vetroflex, pain managing Vetrofen and concentration boosting Vetrocalm to VetroCPH12 which supports the development of muscle mass and condition, Vetroimmune to protect or boost a horse’s immune system, Vetroneuro for superior energy metabolism, reduced muscle fatigue and improved recovery after intense exercise and Vetrocell to optimise oxygen transfer and enhance haemoglobin levels. The Animalife range has been designed to help optimise performance levels and support horses with specific health conditions requiring careful management.

Visit www.animalife.co.uk today to find out more.

*discount available until midnight Monday 15 July 2013.

**subject to terms and conditions.

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