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What you look like in the dressage arena matters. Sure, it’s all about good training and a correct way of going, but first impressions count.

As an active competitor, when I’ve paid attention to all the little details, I feel better, sit more proudly and perform better. There’s only one chance in dressage to make a first impression: it’s crucial it’s a positive one.

caldene-jacketCaldene’s Cadence competition jacket is a beautifully tailored, modern jacket. There’s no need these days to train in comfortable, performance fabrics only to change into a stiff old shirt and jacket on show day when it really counts. This jacket has a flattering, feminine cut with metallic silver embroidery for that ever-important attention to detail. Couple this with the crystal button shirt and it won’t matter what the temperature is; you’ll always be cool — and hopefully calm too (though we can’t help so much with those competition nerves). What is more, both these items can be chucked in the washing machine, so there’s no faffing about with dry cleaning.

Half-Lined-SheepskinFor the horse, The Caldene half sheepskin lined high wither saddlepad has fantastic wicking properties, plenty of wither clearance and a lovely straight cut down the front to accentuate the horse’s shoulder.Sheepskin-girth-sleeve

The Caldene girth sleeve also wicks away sweat from the sensitive elbow area, minimising the chance of girth rubs. It comes in black, brown or white – and why not complete the sheepskin theme with Caldene’s fluffy overreach boots. Their smooth outer means arena surface doesn’t stick to them either.

Exercise-bandagesTalking of keeping things clean, Caldene’s exercise bandages are hassle-savers too: they are half elastic and half padded, meaning there is no need to use bandage linings underneath them, so there’s less washing. Bonus!

Caldene'-crystal-headcollarComplete the look with Caldene’ crystal headcollar for instant wow as soon as your horse comes off the trainer or lorry. Swap that for Caldene’s elegant padded patent bridle (which also comes with reins) for your big moment and, voila, the dressage diva look is complete.

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