Open boys team.— 1, East of England (S Cripps, R Thompson, W Bell, E Richards, L Brinkley) 16,804; 2, Wales & Borders (J Budd, A Watson, E Harris, I Rees, J Wilkins) 16,748; 3, Southern England (J Noble-Lewis, R Collyer, R Mullens, G Fouracre, H Tabor) 15,646. ind.— 1, J Budd (Wales & Borders) 4,351; 2, A Watson (Wales & Borders) 4,327; 3, W Bell (East of England) 4,323. open girls team.— 1, Northern England (B Mason, L Mason, G Rae, R Barwise-Munro, S Courty) 16,228; 2, South West England (S Jarvis, S Kellagher, P le Marechal, H Richards, L Roslin) 16,206; 3, Republic of Ireland (L Dermody, E Fleming, S Coakley, S O’Connor, H Flynn). ind.— 1, L Roslin (South West England) 4,190; =2, J Mason & S Courty (Northern England) 4,188.