Taunton Vale team chasing results, Pontispool Farm, 13 March, 2011

  • Open.— 1, Relentless Fight The Ban (R Cope, R Barrett, M Wall, W Grant) 5.50; 2, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers (A Brown, A Brown, A Vowles) 6.20; 3, Boring Gorings (F French, N Fuller, L Adams, B Allen) 6.54. intermediate.— 1, Wishful Thinkers (E Wass, K Richards, F Price, L Ticehurst) 5.13; 2, Wishful Thinkers Too (S Coady, K Richards, L Penfield, C Ford) 5.17; 3, Rowe Referral Racers (N Rowe, T Rowe, S Vatcher, I Clark) 5.33; 4, Axe Vale Harriers; 5, Three Bays And A Chestnut; 6, My Least Favourite Team. intermediate (bogey time).— 1, A Fag And A Hag (M Glentworth, A Tyrell, L Pickford, R Mitford-Slade); 2, Berkeley Flyers ( P Hopkins, S Vatcher, N Rowe, T Hart); 3, Ladies In Red (A Bauch, M Ainley, R Thomas, J Goldsmith); 4, Most Angry Dragons; 5, Monmouthshire Sox Hunters; 6, My Heard Of Cattle. novice.— 1, Kick On Then (L Eames, N Penny, L Couzens); 2, One More Time (E Wass, C Ford, M Coe); 3, Berkeley Bonkers (S Jenkins, T Hart, S Vatcher, J Howells); 4, Chunky Chappies; 5, George And The Dragons; 6, Gary’s Angels.

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