Surrey BDS Area driving results, 12 July

  • Private driving Welsh.— 1 & ch, A Brazier’s Fronarth Golden Gazza (T Wade); 2, M Winn’s Kingsmeade Gatekeeper; 3, A Pritchard’s Northleach Roulette. over 138cm.— 1, J Rowe’s Acro Adventure; 2, S Barlow’s Roulette; 3, J Hyatt’s Simon & Richi. 138cm and under.— 1, R Keyser’s Dunkery Bewick (K West); 2, Charlie Boy; 3, E Thompson’s Cortaflex Benny & C Norris. pleasure driving.— 1, M Saunders’ Rocking Rolo; 2, Westwick Rose (K West); 3, V Walker’s Suki. light trade.— 1, J Hyatt’s Action Man; 2, D Hewer’s Painted Warrier. exercise carts.— 1, T Annema’s Anke; 2, M Saunders’ Rocking Rolo; 3, C Brown’s Benford. Welsh cobs in wagons.— 1, T Allen’s Synod Rensell; 2, A Brown Thorneyside The Intruder. ride & drive.— 1, G Brownrigg’s Leith Maestro; 2, Anke. young driver.— 1, M Herriott’s Charlie Boy (L MacKenzie); 2, B Barfoot’s Blackie. M&M.— 1, Dunkery Bewick; 2, S Kerr’s Greenhurst Daytime; 3, N Horwood’s An Toiseach Of Tomfada & Toiseach Silver. nov horse/pony.— 1, Leith Maestro; 2, J Randall’s Sunbeam Touch Of A Star; 3, L Jeeves’s Biro’s Lucky Star. Surrey area whip.— 1, S Kerr’s Greenhurst Daytime; 2, K Pritchard’s Parrock Thatchers Tuppeny Bit; 3. J Ralls’ Oakhaze McClintok.

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