BIRCHINLEY MANOR Milnrow, Lancashire 27 April

Ridden Sports Horse: 4yo 1, H Gilmartins’ Country Star; 2, Daldcroft Aeternus; 3, L Waite’s Country Puzzle. 5yo 1, Country Farm Stud’s Country HaHa; =2, D Horton’s Inca Mourne & K Phillipson’s Dougall. 6yo 1, Country Farm Stud’s Nocona Shaimar; 2, L Elliot’s The Real McCoy; 3, S Holden’s Petit Souris. Ridden: under 158cms 1 & res, A Robinson’s Cleo; 2, A Carsili’s Dask Whirlwind; 3, E Brandon’s Mystic Neopolitan. exc 158cms 1 & Ch, A Handley’s Early Edition; 2, B Gowans’ Manhatten Sark; 3, B Metcalfe’s Fleetwater Rye Time. Mare over 148cms 1, A Robinson’s Cleo; 2, E Wilkinson’s Waterlands Gone With the Wind; 3, J Walker’s Giotar.In Hand Sport Horse: y’ling 1, L Grant’s Styals Star Gazer; 2, D Mitchell’s Dilano; 3, A Boxshall ‘s Hotrock Nerthus. 2yo 1 & res, C Williams’ Dazzling Star; 2, M Marshall’s Yarrow Gunners Boy; 3, C Archer’s Yarrow Dream Girl. 3yo 1& ch, N Leatherbarrow’s Yarrow Midnight Dream; 2, A Boxshall’s Hotrock Odin; 3, D Dodding’s Dianagate Leon.