Royal Highland driving results, 25-28 June

  • Hackney horse or pony.— 1 & ch, G MacDonald’s Gillcrest Sir James; 2, E McNinch’s Brookfield Tommy. private driving other than single harness.— 1, J MacInnes’ Howeview Janesta, Roseisle Jack-A-dandy & Auchmaliddie Limited Edition; 2, J Tomkinson’s Ramnaberg. singles class.— 1 & res, J Bulmer’s Monnington Overture; 2, A Ewing’s Wilstrop Crackerjack; 3, A Rushton-Green’s Michael. Shetland.— 1, E Ball’s Roose Of Thanet; 2, J Pitchford-Hunt’s Helza Duncan Of Juils International; 3, J Tomkinson’s Ramnaberg Andy & Ramnaberg Charlie. Highland.— 1, A Barron’s Kincardine Bluebell; 2, J McNaughton’s ILPH Shevock Onyx Naiad. two or four wheel exercise vehicle.— 1, A Small’s Moorcraft Jaffir; 2, L Hirst’s The Boxer; 3, T Inness’ Borlum Cyril. donkey & mule open.— 1, E Cunningham’s Taponoth Seonaid; 2, S Clapperton Dolly; 3, K Hunter’s Small Person.

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