Pony Club Endurance Championships results, 20 September

  • Open: team.— 1, Vale Of Clettwr & Llangeitho (C, A & A Theodorou). ind.— 1, Fan Tan (S McClelland, Cheshire Hunt North); 2, Havannah (R Parsier, Whaddon Chase); 3, Alexander Beetle (K Wilson, Bedale & West Of Yore Hunt). int: ind.— 1, Yealand Hoopla (A Ngei, Lancaster & District); 2, Angelina Ginny (K Mellor, United Pack). nov snr: team.— 1, Bedale & West Of Yore Hunt (JJ & O Foster, L Sutcliffe, S Riggs); 2, Whaddon Chase (B Brown, P & J Alexander); 3, Lancaster & District (A Taylor, G Smith, C Wilding). ind.— 1, Lulu (JJ Foster, Bedale & West Of Yore Hunt); 2, Shatzar (J Alexander, Whaddon Chase); 3, Lady Fenella (R Sheard, Lancaster & District). nov jnr: team.— 1, Whaddon Chase Whizzers (B Parsier, H Maskell, K Spaughton); 2, Oakley Hunt West (A & I Lawrence, T Barrett); 3, Whaddon Chase Wonders (K Naysmith, E Knights, L Gallavan). ind.— 1, Lilly (K Spaughton, Whaddon Chase); 2, Satin (G Wheeler, Old Surrey & Burstow); 3, Corrie (J Macauley, Morpeth Hunt).

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