Pony Club Championships results, 15-18 August

  • Eventing: open team.— 1, Heythrop Hunt (N Lucey, I Gloag, A Sandberg, T Laghzaoui); 2, Fitzwilliam Hunt (M Howard, W Rawlin, S Beaty, G Armstrong); 3, Meath Hunt (J Dalrymple, K Nolan, K Finnegan, T Reilly). ind (sec F).— 1, Persian Coin (R Stephen, Bennachie) 35.38,0,4=39.38; 2, Miami Gold (C Hunnable, East Essex Hunt) 37.12,0,4=41.12; 3, Tudor Legend (M Howard, Fitzwilliam Hunt) 31.54,2.8,8=42.34. (sec G).— 1, Royal Highness (L West, South Wold Hunt (North)) 25.96,5.6,0=31.56; 2, Swiftbrook Billy (P Jenman, West Kent Hunt (Meopham)) 35.58,0,0=35.58; 3, Heads Your Gray (S Lees, East Essex Hunt) 27.69,8,4=39.69. (sec H).— 1, Darbys Knap (H Rowcliffe, Tiverton Hunt) 36.54,0,0=36.54; 2, Glen Ross (S Mosley, Hurworth Hunt) 34.62,0,4=38.62; 3, Done And Dusted (S Beaty, Fitzwilliam Hunt) 35.58,6.8,0=42.38. (sec I).— 1, Fitzwarren Dexter (T Laghzaoui, Heythrop Hunt) 30.96,1.2,0=32.16; 2, T Reilly (Meath Hunt) 38.46,5.6,0=44.06; 3, A Touch Of Spice (P Rae Hill, Hurworth Hunt) 41.54,4,0=45.54. (sec J).— 1, Just By Chance V (S O’Neil, Strathearn) 38.46,0,0=38.46; 2, Kiltartan Easter Prince (G Hatton-Brown, Vine Hunt) 37.88,0,4=41.88; 3, Apollo’s Delphi (L Palmer, Aberdeenshire) 40.96,3.2,4=48.16. show jumping: open team.— 1, Iveagh (G McCombe, A Hylands, T Dooley, A Purce); 2 & nat champions, Atherstone Hunt (O Johnson, C Fearn, I McKenzie, B Murray); 3, Garth Hunt (A Smallman, A Halstead, K Grimster, R Denton). ind.— 1, Lagavulin (C Addis, Avon Vale Hunt); 2, Picanto (A Hylands, Iveagh); 3, Heathmoor (K McManus, Pendle Forest & Craven Hunt). dressage: open (team).— 1, VWH Hunt (G Dibble, L Rogers, H Quint, L Rogers); 2, Old Berkeley Hunt (S Moultrie, L Hamilton, L Lodge, D Britnell); 3, South Wold Hunt (North) (L West, W Jebb, L Norton). ind (arena A).— 1, Varome (H Bradshaw, Clifton-on-Teme Hunt) 70; 2, Amano (K Mills, Golden Valley Hunt) 69.24; 3, Captain Crunchie (A King, E Cheshire) 68.18. (arena B).— 1, VIP (B Payne, Atherstone Hunt) 71.36; 2, Ultimate Upset (K Harris, Cattistock Hunt) 69.09; 3, Cherokee Brave (N Ireland, Oxenholme) 68.03. (arena C).— 1, Forge Star (L Norton, South Wold Hunt (North)) 68.64; 2, Sir Harry (L Hamilton, East Essex Hunt) 67.42; 3, Wordly Wise (L Lodge, Old Berkeley Hunt (Chilterns)) 65.76. (arena D).— 1, G Kar (A Blount, Ludlow Hunt) 75.3; 2, Little Jasper (L Rogers, VWH Hunt) 72.73; 3, Bally Duff Rusty (F Reeve, Bramham Moor Hunt) 69.7. (arena E).— 1, Prince Parangia (A Armstrong, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt) 74.09; 2, Rubinzaus (K Bennett, Hertfordshire Hunt) 69.39; 3, Freddy (K Walters, South Nottinghamshire) 68.79. (arena F).— 1, Maesyfron Rhett (R Smith, Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Hunt) 71.36; 2, Welton Madonna (I Robinson, Albrighton Hunt) 70.3; 3, Westminster Rapscallion (G Webster, Scunthorpe & District) 66.36. ride-off.— 1, Varome 70.36; 2, Little Jasper 70.12; 3, Prince Parangia 70.06. Eventing: intermediate team.— 1, North Warwickshire (Z Heathcote, C Elliot, K Bleloch, L Causer); 2, Fitzwilliam Hunt (A Wells, E Meredith, R Manning, M Spencer); 3, East Cheshire (L Barnes, L Lock-Williams, E Barnes, S Foxall). ind (sec A).— 1, Trooper (K Berry, South Durham Hunt) 28.21,4,0=32.21; 2, One For Fun (C Small, Bisley Hunt) 33.21,0,0=33.21; 3, My Mare Mavis (Z Heathcote, North Warwickshire) 34.29,0,0=34.29. (sec B).— 1, Lythill Rough Diamond (P Ralph, Beaufort Hunt) 32.5,0,0=32.5; 2, Capitana (L Lock-Williams, East Cheshire) 29.29,4,0=33.29; 3, Bolgoednewydd Ambrose (E Meredith, Fitzwilliam Hunt) 34.64,0,0=34.64. (sec C).— 1, Leonardos (H Wyles, Atherstone Hunt) 31.43,0,0=31.43; 2, Mr Greengrass (R Manning, Fitzwilliam Hunt) 33.57,0,0=33.57; 3, De Lux K (G Rockingham, Meynell Hunt) 33.93,0,0=33.93. (sec D).— 1, Tisrara Dream (L Causer, North Warwickshire) 26.79,0,1=27.79; 2, Canmore (P Coupe, Rufford Hunt) 34.64,0,0=34.64; 3, Bryn (J Lewis, Pytchley Hunt) 31.43,4,0=35.43. (sec E).— 1, Jack (G Webster, Scunthorpe & District) 32.14,4,0=36.14; 2, Codex (A Simon, South Pembrokeshire Hunt) 32.14,4,0=36.14; 3, The Gent (A Nelson, South Staffordshire Hunt) 33.21,4,0=37.21. show jumping: intermediate team.— 1, Lord Leconfield Hunt (H Parsons, H Martin, M Ayre, F Dallyn); 2, Iveagh (S Adamson, R Suffern, S Richardson, C Gibson); 3, Warwickshire Hunt (I Hall, J Beards, H Dickin, E Hoare). ind.— 1, On The Rocks III (S Carswell, Berwyn & Dee); 2, Willow V (J Langton, Lamerton Hunt); 3, Woolaston Sophie (K Walton, Suffolk Hunt). dressage: intermediate team.— 1, Essex Union (K Hamilton, H Godfrey, K Browne, L Whyte); 2, East Cheshire (S Foxall, K Barnes, A Daniel, L Lock-Williams); 3, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt (E Darch, C Armstrong, K Hurley, L Provenzano). ind (arena A).— 1eq, Orlando (J Hall, Berkeley Hunt) & Onnie (S Foxall, East Cheshire) 68.89; 3, Skyline Ranger (S Butterworth, Cumberland Farmers’ Hunt (South)) 68.52. (arena B).— 1, Paddy (H Godfrey, Essex Union) 72.96; 2, Marco Ico (C Armstrong, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt) 72.22; 3, Festina Lente IV (G Wood, Heythrop Hunt) 71.85. (arena C).— 1, Tobias (A Daniel, East Cheshire) 71.11; 2, Artfields Amber (K Kirkham, Atherstone Hunt) 69.26; 3, Tip Top (K Browne, Essex Union) 67.78. (arena D).— 1, Fine Feathers (L Provenzano, Mendip Farmers’ Hunt) 70, 2, Tia (L Whyte, Essex Union) 69.93; 3, Irish Kate (F Woodward, Atherstone Hunt) 68.89. (arena E).— 1, Some Might Say (J Balfour, Garth Hunt) 76.3; 2, Valentin (H Weller-Poley, Suffolk Hunt) 73.7; 3, Prestwood Smokey Gin (S Lake, South Wold Hunt (North)) 73.33. (arena F).— 1, Super Chef (Z Symes, Wylye Valley) 70.37; 2, Dennison (A Kingdon, Soham & District) 67.41; 3, Trooper (K Berry, South Durham Hunt) 67.04. ride-off.— 1, Some Might Say 70.49; 2, Onnie 69.75; 3, Valentin 68.27. associates arena eventing (class 1).— 1, Aesops Wispa Gold (R Lander, Meynell Hunt); 2, Rosie (L Teague, Wyre Forest); 3, Shakespeares Pride (V Milburn, North Warwickshire). (class 2).— 1, Secret Dream (H Ward, Puckeridge Western); 2, Michaelmas Daisy (T Downs, Rockwood Harriers); 3, Red Carnival (R Slater, South Trent). polocrosse: Malden championship.— 1, North Warwickshire (C Milburn, S Harding, J Hiatt, D Baker, K Howe, L Cornforth); 2, South Devon Hunt (Moorland) (Z Coombes, J Tribe, G Faulkner, K Garner, E Jarvis, L Midge). Malden trophy.— 1, Hertfordshire Hunt (P Ward, E Mitchell, C Slater, H Price, D Daniels, A Ward); 2, Cheshire Hunt North (K Ratcliffe, K Vernon, H Berrell, A Hollinshead, E Hodge, S McClelland). Charles Mason open champ.— 1, Rockwood Harriers A (K Wise, T Kitchen-Dunn, M Griffiths); 2, Rockwood Harriers B (R Townend, B Scott, G Harland); 3, Croome Hunt (Mixed) (P Rowland, J Moore, R Williams). Stoneleigh junior champ.— 1, Brecon & Talybont Hunt & Llangibby Hunt (H Carthew, L Williams, G Jones); 2, Brecon & Talybont Hunt Juniors (T Chandler, H Gedge, R Lord); 3, Croome Hunt (H Twinberrow, J Cameron, N Cameron). Brookes mini champ.— 1, Rockwood Harriers A (M Pedley, S Dyson, K Kitchen-Dunn); 2, Rockwood Harriers B (S Thomas, C Jowett, B Morris); 3, North Down (T Fynn, T Kileff, K McCarthy). NFU Mutual sportsman.— 1, A Price (Brecon & Talybont Hunt). NFU Mutual sportswoman.— 1, J Moore (Moorfield Riding Centre). horse & pony care: snrs.— 1, Chiddingfold Farmers (C Collins, R Brown, E Sparks); 2, Old Berkeley Hunt (North) (S Johnson, R Pocock, S Frow); 3, Cottesmore Hunt (G Cooke C Knight, L Hives). jnrs.— 1, Sandown Chase (F Campbell, C Pinnock); 2, United Pack (Z Paton, S McMillan, E Clarke); 3, Cottesmore Hunt (R Williams, A Chell, A Chell). centre equitation: team.— 1, Seechem Equestrian Centre (C Abuteir, E Pilkington, S McGreever, R Spencer-Jolly); 2, Mobberley Riding School (A Holland, S Hall, C Ryan, K Holland); 3, Talygarn Equestrian Centre (Z Morgan, M Groves, C Reakes, S Blake). ind: (sec A).— 1, Benny (A Holland, Mobberley RS); 2, Portia (R Burton, Lychgate Farm RS); 3, William (R Livsey, Naburn Grange RC). (sec B).— 1, William (E Cameron, Naburn Grange RC); 2, Sugar (H Mosey, Croxteth Park RC); 3, Benny (S Hall, Mobberley RS). (sec C).— 1, Skye (A Sutton, Mill House); 2, Perry (S McGeever, Seechem EC); 3, Mal (A Cole, Croxteth Park RC). (sec D).— 1, Fred (S Blake, Talygarn EC); 2, Perry (R Spencer Jolly, Seechem EC); 3, R Jefferson (Back Lane Stables). dressage to music: nov ind.— 1, Rockstar (L Benson, Barlow) 78.67; 2, Hincliffe Magnum (E Bond, Holderness Hunt) 73; 3, Hollyvale Charade (I Chaplin, West Kent Hunt (Meopham)) 72. intermediate ind.— 1, Calipo (R Manford, Romney Marsh) 76.67; 2, Capitana (L Lock-Williams, East Cheshire) 72; 3, Towncrier Of Catherstone (E Croghan, North Warwickshire) 68.33. associates.— 1, Woltaire (J Englishby, Whaddon Chase) 72.33; 2, Grace & Favour II (H Leech, East Cheshire) 70.33; 3, Straus IV (A Sparks, West Kent Hunt (Meopham)) 64. pairs.— 1, Mr McGowan & Blue Boy (S & A Croxton, Atherstone Hunt) 77.5; 2, Strawberry Fields For Ever & Monks Robbie (P Baylis & E Westley, Albrighton Woodland Hunt) 76.67; 3, Irish Jamboree & Standen Beauman (A & I Furness, Romney Marsh) 70.83. open ind.— 1, VIP (B Payne, Atherstone Hunt) 77.67; 2, Inspekteur Keillour (E Carmichael, Cotswold Hunt) 75.67; 3, Standen Beauman (I Furness) 71.67. family pairs.— 1, Irish Jamboree & Standen Beauman 75; 2, Aylestone The Merrie Monk & Oldmill Mystique (A & I Meadows), Atherstone Hunt 68.33. ride-off.— 1, VIP; 2, Calipo; 3, Grace & Favour II. team.— 1, Atherstone Hunt Kestrals (B Payne, D Tilley, A Croxton, F Woodward); 2, East Cheshire (A Oakes, L Lock-Williams, C Grant, H Leech); 3, Atherstone Hunt Falcons (E Hulme, A Meadows, A Woodfield, A Read). mounted games: snr am.— 1, Cambridgeshire (M Targett, G Morris, H Roberts, T Roberts, J Bennett); 2, Llangeinor (C Hegarty, J Hegarty, T Lucas, L Shillibier, N Mordecai); 3, Glaisdale Hunt (K Hide, A Wood, H Beecroft, S Little, S Hall). snr pm.— 1, Cheshire Hunt North (G Bell, J-L Cooke, R Darlington, E Davidson-Slack, A Hollingshead); 2, Badsworth (F Holgate, B Clayton, C Thornton, J Raistrick, E Dennis); 3, Oakley Hunt West (J Warner, E Myrtle, A Russell, J Goldhawk, H Gates). intermediate final.— 1, Burton (L Bingham, M Wilkinson, A Elliott, B Ottwell, M Gore); 2, Enfield Chace (E Pipe, C Whyte, R Froom, J Fordham, K Hill); 3, Albrighton Woodland (E Westly, N Marcus, J Dunn, V Matthews, P Baylis). jnr final.— 1, Banwell (A Gibson, K Snook, S-J Palmer, J Bell, G Bell); 2, Eglinton (C Leech, S Targetll-Worth, L Wareham, L McWade, N Donogue); 3, Oakley Hunt West (H Goldhawk, H Breen, F Bish-Jones, S Kitchiner, S Garrett). jnr runners-up final.— 1, Cheshire Hunt North (M Hodson, L Pedley, K Smith, B Thomas, A Vickers); 2, Old Surrey & Burstow (A Stone, M Cheeseman, I Cowen, E Ward, G Kennleyside); 3, Atherstone (L Watson, H Watson, J Allen, W Thirlby, G Ison).

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