Osborne Refrigerators champ classes: single hackney type.– 1 & res sup, J Howell’s Forewood Sensation; 2, J Rowe’s Brookeborough Stepping Star; 3, J Howell’s Aghaderg Stand And Deliver. single non-hackney over 13.2hh.– 1, J Bulmer’s Monningon Versace (T Connolly); 2, J Setterington’s Markus GI; 3, Mr & Mrs E Elliott’s GWM Duchess Of Monico. 13.2hh & under.– 1, R Keyser’s Dunkery Bewick (P Richmond); 2, S Edwards’ Cosford Gladiator; 3, V Hampton’s Northscousburgh Carlas. country turnout.– 1, Dunkery Bewick; 2, R Bownes’ Ovington Hermes; 3, Osborne Refrigerators Ltd’s The Poacher (J Osborne). Welsh sec D.– 1 & sup, J Clough & G Schofields’ Dearne Valley Ronaldo; 2, Smith Bros’ Ackroyd Patsy (E Smith); 3, I Kirkhope’s Brynaur Carreg Dafydd. sec C.– 1, N Fuller’s Trehewyd Brenin Arthur (O Fuller); 2, Mr & Mrs T Morris’ Drysiog Daniel Ap Jet (V Morris); 3, A Gallop’s Merioneth Moeson. sec A & B.– 1, J Clayden’s Trindod Wildcat (K Cooper); 2, Ovington Hermes; 3, D Charlesworth’s Brynllwyn Quick Flash (N Salter). M&M.– 1, Dunkery Bewick; 2, S Kerr’s Greenhurst Daytime; 3, Northscousburgh Carlas. pairs & tandems.– 1, Mr & Mrs B Le Marquands’ Staines Minstrel & Staines Ap Pip; 2, S Burrows’ Smarties & Buttons; 3, P Munt’s Cassis & Kahlua. two-wheel light trade.– 1 & ch, B Brazier’s Bennetts Castle Joe; 2, C Fountain’s Bookham Lodge Dallas (T Fountain); 3, The Poacher. four-wheel.– 1, T Cribb & Sons’ Major & Earl (P Gibson); 2 & res, Smith Bros’ Baldwins John Boy (E Smith); 3, Osborne Refrigerators Ltd’s Claygate Independence (J Osborne). costers/trolleys.– 1, T Burgess’ Cledlyn Sam; 2, G Cordery’s Brynmeillion Defiance; 3, M Burgess’ Brimstone The Fenman. two-wheel exercise vehicle, single.– 1 & ch, Smith Bros Garston Little Swank (L Smith); 2 & res, Mr & Mrs Saunders’ Horsmans Momentum; 3, S Tubb’s Bertle Indepence Warrior. four-wheel.– 1, S Johnson’s Toby; 2, D-M Howman’s Steffan Sammy Jo; 3, L Beech & J Coopers’ Sybolt H. exercise vehicle pairs or tandems.– 1, C Everleigh’s Chrystal Supreme & Chrystal Sunrise; 2, Staines Minstrel & Staines Ap Pip; 3, D Moore’s Brascot Empress & Secret Charm Lottie. young driver 10-14 yrs trad.– 1 & ch, Trehewyd Brenin Arthur (A Rowe); 2, G Hart’s Levens Mackie; 3, A Birch’s Meilen Tornado (R Ralph). 15-17 yrs.– 1, M McBride’s Casper (A Kidd); 2, Ovington Hermes (K O’Connor). young driver 10-14yrs exercise.– 1, S Priestly’s R Mango; 2 & res, G Hart & R Marshall’s Levens Eddie (L Marshall); 3, N Waddicor & M Caine’s Cosmo (A Waddicor). 15-17 yrs.– 1, Sybolt H; 2, Ovington Hermes. Mark & Oakley Fuller M&M open.– 1, A Radcliffe’s Barn’s Blue Mouse & Twinky Of Hutton; 2, Dunkery Bewick; 3, Greenhurst Daytime. QTR Transport’s Welsh sec A & B.– 1, Trindod Wildcat; 2, Ovington Hermes; 3, Radnor Mango. sec C.– 1, Merioneth Moeson; 2, E Ham’s Crossfield Glory; 3, J Seaman’s Somerford Granville. sec D.– 1, Brynaur Carreg Dafydd; 2, H Stevens’Parcgwyn Spirit. Balanced Horse Feeds M&M championship.– 1, Trindod Wildcat; 2, Barn’s Blue Mouse & Twinky Of Hutton. Smith Bros’ open single hackney type.– 1, Mr & Mrs J Randall’s Teddy Boy; 2, Mr & Mrs B Honeywell’s Atlow Springs Good Friday; 3, S Marskell’s Rosetep Rosella. Leonard Holt Memorial open single non-hackney.– 1, GWM Duchess Of Monico; 2, Mr & Mrs M Edmonds’ Maylands Magpie; 3, J Bulmer’s Monnington Cassanova. Rachelle Bownes & Tom Robinsons’ lady whip.– 1, Staines Minstrel & Staines Ap Pip; 2, T Howard’s Spider; 3, Crossfield Glory. Alexander gentleman whip.– 1, Ovington Hermes (T Robinson); 2, M Kesans’ Monnington Verdi; 3, J Bailey’s Ursula (C Bailey). Geoff Dudley Harness multiples.– 1, B Alexanders’ Gelderlanders. Nigel Fuller pairs & tandems.– 1, B Alexanders’ Gelderlanders; 2, Barn’s Blue Mouse & Twinky Of Hutton; 3, T Annema’s Anke & Jonas. T Cribb & Sons world & rare breeds.– 1, D Matthew’s Tom; 2, J Bulmer’s Monnington Overture (T Connolly); 3, B Alexander’s Gelderlanders. Diana Mellows’ novice single.– 1, Brynllwyn Quick Flash; 2, C Peters’ Marylind Heartbreaker (J Peters); 3, Mr & Mrs J Siviter’s Lightning Jack. Alexander coloured horse trad & non-trad.– 1, P Richmond’s Dees Highwayman; 2, Cassis & Kahlua; 3, Northscousburgh Carlas. KBIS British Equestrian Insurance ride & drive.– 1, Spider; 2, J Bulmer’s Monnington Aura; 3, Casper. Carriagehouse Insurance’s concours d’elegance.– 1, R Lowe’s Reg’s Honour (S Lowe). Zilco Europe long-reining.– 1, Clothie Shetland Pony Stud’s Kinkell Elevator; 2, C Leach’s Priors Z Polo; 3, E McCarthy’s Warleigh Curtain Call. Sarah Owlett donkey & mules open.– 1, J Parrett’s Rikita Du Bocage; 2, C Travell’s Trinitas Tintinnabula. Lucy Smith young driver.– 1, Meilen Tornado; 2, Radnor Mango (L Priestly); 3, Cosmo. Brightside Welsh Cobs’ Welsh sec A, B & C.– 1 & ch, M Howell’s Gwenlian Gwilym; 2, S Crowe’s Twyloch William; 3, J Deller’s Winneydene Carlos (D Deller). sec D.– 1 & res, W Hawkins’ Brightside Sahara Dune (F Brown); 2, T Chambers’ Gellifach Telynor (A Brown); 3, S Matthews’ Bennetts Castle Thomas.